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Keenious analyses your text and presents the results based on the text’s topic.

What is Keenious and why use it?

Keenious is an artificial intelligence based search tool that recommends relevant research articles by analysing text in your document.

You can either use the Keenious functionality in Word or upload a PDF to the Keenious website (

Keenious does not replace traditional search tools, it is rather a supplement.

It is particularly useful for generating ideas and inspiration in the initial stages of writing. The tool analyses both Norwegian and English texts but suggests only articles in English.

When using Keenious, you can, for example, highlight parts of the text you want to find relevant sources for. Keenious will then display the results on the right side of the document.

You can also filter the search by keywords (keyword filtering), year, or the number of citations (citation count).

Short video on how to use Keenious (

Keenious i Word

As an OsloMet student or employee, you can find Keenious in the toolbar in Word under "Home".

If you cannot find Keenious in your Word toolbar, add Keenious via "Home" > "Add-ins" or "Insert" > "Get Add-ins" in the toolbar.

Keenious in web browser

By signing in on Keenious’ website, you can either paste the text you wish to analyse or upload a PDF file.

Information about how to use Keenious in your web browser (