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References in EndNote

How to insert references in EndNote.

Adding references manually to EndNote

APA 7th referencing guide with examples (PDF,

Import from databases to EndNote

You can search and import references from databases into your EndNote library.

This can be done in several ways:

Import references from Word to EndNote

EndNote can retrieve the references from a document with references based on another EndNote library.

Imagine that you receive a Word document from a fellow student or colleague with the references taken from his or her EndNote library. Follow these steps to import these references into your EndNote library:

Deleting duplicates

Automatic deleting of duplicates during import only works when searching and importing via EndNote (Online Search).

If you don't want references that already exist in your library to be imported again:

Edit > Preferences > Duplicates > tick Automatically discard duplicates.

Note! This only applies to Online Search in EndNote, not when searching directly in a database and then exporting to EndNote.

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