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Alexander Lars Dannerhäll

Alexander Lars Dannerhäll


PhD-student at the faculty of social science at Oslo Metropolitan University. MsC in political science and economics from Lund University. Research interests are international political economy and trade politics, particularly toward interest groups. I am also interested in the intersection of security and international economics. More concretely, I research the domestic politics of international trade and investments and the politics of globalization backlash. Currently, my research is focused on employer organizations, labor unions and political parties in Sweden. I am affiliated with the project TradeCont - Darkness on the horizon? Exploring the response to contestation of trade policy in Europe.

Teaching commitments include lectures on international cooperation, courses on qualitative methods, as well as supervision of bachelor - and masters theses. I am also the coordinator for the bachelor-thesis-course, BAL 3900.

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Dannerhäll, Alexander Lars (2023). Free Trade-Populism and Nativist-Protectionism: Trade Policy and the Sweden Democrats. 11 p. Politics and Governance. Vol. 11.

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