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Åshild Auglænd Johnsen

Åshild Auglænd Johnsen

Scientific publications

Johnsen, Åshild A.; Kvaløy, Ola (2021). Conspiracy against the public - An experiment on collusion. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics . Vol. 94.

Finseraas, Henning; Hanson, Torbjørn; Johnsen, Åshild Auglænd; Kotsadam, Andreas; Torsvik, Gaute (2019). Trust, ethnic diversity, and personal contact: A field experiment. Journal of Public Economics . Vol. 173.

Almås, Ingvild; Johnsen, Åshild Auglænd (2018). The cost of a growth miracle – reassessing price and poverty trends in China. Review of economic dynamics . Vol. 30.

Johnsen, Åshild Auglænd; Kvaløy, Ola (2016). Does strategic kindness crowd out prosocial behavior?. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization . Vol. 132.

Finseraas, Henning; Johnsen, Åshild Auglænd; Kotsadam, Andreas; Torsvik, Gaute (2016). Exposure to female colleagues breaks the glass ceiling— Evidence from a combined vignette and field experiment. European Economic Review . Vol. 90.

Johnsen, Åshild Auglænd; Almås, Ingvild (2012). The cost of living in China: Implications for inequality and poverty. NHH Dept. of Economics Discussion papers. Vol. 21.

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