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Behrouz Arash

Behrouz Arash


Dr. Behrouz Arash is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical, Electronic, and Chemical Engineering at Oslo Metropolitan University. He completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada, in 2014. Before joining Oslo Metropolitan University, he served as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Bauhaus University Weimar and the Delft University of Technology. He was later appointed as a research group leader at Leibniz University Hannover in Germany in 2018, where he worked for five years. Dr. Arash specializes in the fields of nanocomposites, nanomechanics, computational mechanics, and atomistic simulations. He is actively involved in the computational mechanics of materials, with a specific focus on material failure and constitutive modeling of polymer composites and nanomaterials. Dr. Arash has expertise in multiscale modeling, nonlinear finite element analysis, nonlocal continuum damage mechanics, constitutive modeling, reaction-diffusion modeling, and multi-objective optimization. In recent years, his research has been primarily focused on developing multiscale-multiphysics models for fiber-reinforced nanoparticle-modified polymer composites. His research aims to provide an innovative multiscale approach to investigate the thermo-chemo-mechanical properties of the polymer composites and establish a methodology for the quantitative failure prediction of the composites designed for energy applications. For more information, please visit

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Scientific publications

Bahtiri, Betim; Arash, Behrouz ; Scheffler, Sven; Jux, Maximilian; Rolfes, Raimund (2023). A machine learning-based viscoelastic–viscoplastic model for epoxy nanocomposites with moisture content. 28 p. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. Vol. 415.

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