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Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal

Scientific publications

Anundsen, André Kallåk; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen; Røed Larsen, Erling; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (2022). Behavioral changes in the housing market before and after the Covid-19 lockdown. 13 p. Journal of Housing Economics . Vol. 59.

Leick, Birgit; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen; Eklund, Mehtap; Vinogradov, Evgueni (2021). Exploring the relationship between Airbnb and traditional accommodation for regional variations of tourism markets. Tourism Economics . Vol. 28.

Røed Larsen, Erling; Anundsen, André Kallåk; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (2020). Behavioral changes and policy effects during Covid-19: Evidence from day-by-day sales and bid-by-bid auction logs in the housing market, (with André K. Anundsen, Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal, and Leif Anders Thorsrud. Housing Lab Working Paper Series 2020-3. Housing Lab Working Paper Series. Vol. 2020.

Leick, Birgit; Schewe, Theo; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen (2020). Tourism development and border asymmetries: An exploratory analysis of market-driven cross-border shopping tourism. Tourism Planning & Development . Vol. 18.

Leick, Birgit; Eklund, Mehtap; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen (2020). Digital entrepreneurs in the sharing economy: A case study on Airbnb and regional economic development in Norway. Strømmen-Bakhtiar, Abbas; Vinogradov, Evgueni (Ed.). The impact of the sharing economy on business and society : digital transformation and the rise of platform businesses. Chapter 5. p. 69-88. Routledge.

Vinogradov, Evgueni; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen; Leick, Birgit (2020). An agent-based modelling approach to housing market regulations and Airbnb-induced tourism. Tourism Management . Vol. 77.

Borgersen, Trond Arne; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen (2019). Igangsetting og boligprisvekst. Er effekten symmetrisk mellom boligmarkedssegmenter?. Praktisk økonomi & finans . Vol. 35.

Borgersen, Trond Arne; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen (2018). Commercial Real Estate at the ZLB: Investment Demand and CAPM-WACC Invariance. Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research . Vol. 13.

Borgersen, Trond Arne; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen (2017). Risikojustert meravkastning i boligmarkedet. Praktisk økonomi & finans . Vol. 33.

Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen (2017). A new Keynesian framework and wage and price dynamics in the USA. Empirical Economics .

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete