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Dean Barker

Dean Barker


Dean Barker is professor of physical education at the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education within the Faculty of Education and International Studies at Oslo Metropolitan University.

His research focuses on student learning in physical education. Ongoing projects aim to develop pedagogical strategies for teachers, which will enhance students' learning experiences.

Dean Barker is also involved in critical investigations of physical education practices. These have a focus on movement capability, fat stigma, and health within the school subject.

Other research focuses on aspects of physical education teacher education (PETE) and the preparation of pre-service teachers for professional life.

Dr. Barker has authored or co-authored more than 60 papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He is also a regular reviewer and speaker at national and international scientific meetings.

Dean Barker gives lectures and is responsible for PETE courses at bachelors and advanced levels. He is currently supervising six doctoral candidates. 

Collaboration and assignments
Editorial board member for 'Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education'.
Editorial board member for 'Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy'.
Board member for the European Association for the Sociology of Sport.

Publications and research

Scientific publications

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