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Espen Olsen

Espen Olsen

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Scientific publications

Høiaas, Ingeborg; Grujic, Katarina; Imenes, Anne Gerd; Burud, Ingunn; Olsen, Espen ; Belbachir, Nabil (2022). Inspection and condition monitoring of large-scale photovoltaic power plants: A review of imaging technologies. 17 p. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Vol. 161.

Olsen, Espen ; Helander, Malin Iris; Mehl, Torbjørn; Burud, Ingunn (2020). Spectral Characteristics and Spatial Distribution of Thermal Donors in n-Type Czochralski-Silicon Wafers. 8 p. Physica Status Solidi (a) applications and materials science. Vol. 217.

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