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Geir Grothen

Geir Grothen


I have a master's degree (cand.philol.) in history of ideas from UiO, PhD in cultural studies from the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), where I have my principal occupation. I am particularly interested in the relationship between cultural and political imaginations about the role of art and actual encounters between the public and art. I am also interested in leadership and management as a cultural phenomenon, such as how current ideas about career, working life and management are parts of larger narratives. I am also concerned with the suburbs as a social phenomenon, the relationship between animals and people, visual culture, art, and literature.

Scientific publications

Sjøvoll, Vibeke ; Grothen, Geir (2022). To research by two hands. 21 p. Nordic Journal of Art and Research (A & R). Vol. 11.

Grothen, Geir (2022). Hesitation before the impact - The museums and their visitors. 16 p. Culture Unbound. Journal of Current Cultural Research. Vol. 14.

Sjøvoll, Vibeke ; Grothen, Geir ; Frers, Lars (2020). Abandoned ideas and the energies of failure. 7 p. Emotion, Space and Society. Vol. 36.

Grothen, Geir (2016). Bruken av kultur - barrierer, incentiver, essenser og intensiteter. Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift. Vol. 19.

Grothen, Geir (2010). Bruken av kultur. Grothen, Geir; Reksten, Connie (Ed.). Kulturfagene. En innføring. p. 261-282. Scandinavian Academic Press.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete