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Gro Gujord Tangen

Gro Gujord Tangen

Scientific publications

Tangen, Gro Gujord; Sverdrup, Karen; Taraldsen, Kristin; Persson, Karin Ester Torun; Engedal, Knut; Wetterberg, Peter; Knapskog, Anne Brita (2023). Mobility and associations with levels of cerebrospinal fluid amyloid β and tau in a memory clinic cohort. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience . Vol. 15.

Melsæter, Kjerstin Næss; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Skjellegrind, Håvard; Vereijken, Beatrix; Strand, Bjørn Heine; Thingstad, Pernille (2022). Physical performance in older age by sex and educational level: the HUNT Study. 12 p. BMC Geriatrics . Vol. 22.

Langballe, Ellen Melbye; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Engdahl, Bo Lars; Strand, Bjørn Heine (2022). Increased mortality risk for adults aged 25–44 years with long-term disability: A prospective cohort study with a 35-year follow-up of 30,080 individuals from 1984–2019 in the population-based HUNT study. 12 p. The Lancet Regional Health - Europe . Vol. 22.

Tangen, Gro Gujord; Nilsson, Maria H.; Stomrud, Erik; Palmqvist, Sebastian; Hansson, Oskar (2022). Spatial Navigation and Its Association with Biomarkers and Future Dementia in Memory Clinic Patients Without Dementia. Neurology . Vol. 99.

Telenius, Elisabeth Wiken; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Eriksen, Siren; Rokstad, Anne Marie Mork (2022). Fun and a meaningful routine : the experience of physical activity in people with dementia. BMC Geriatrics . Vol. 22.

Placido, Jessica; de Almeida, Cresco Alberto Bem; Ferreira, Jose Vinicius; Silva, Felipe de Oliveira; Monteiro-Junior, Renato Sobral; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Laks, Jerson; Deslandes, Andrea Camaz (2022). Spatial navigation in older adults with mild cognitive impairment and dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Experimental Gerontology . Vol. 165.

Persson, Karin Ester Torun; Edwin, Trine Holt; Knapskog, Anne Brita; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Selbæk, Geir; Engedal, Knut (2022). Hippocampal Atrophy Subtypes of Alzheimer's Disease Using Automatic MRI in a Memory Clinic Cohort: Clinical Implications. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders . Vol. 51.

Leão, Luana Lemos; Felicio, Lais Francielle Francisca; Engedal, Knut; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Kristiansen, Kari Midtbø; Sergio, Henrique Sousa Santos; de Paula, Alfredo Maurício B.; Sobral Monteiro-Junior, Renato (2021). The Link between Exercise and Homocysteine in the Alzheimer’s Disease: A Bioinformatic Network Model. CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets . Vol. 20.

Flugon, Susannah Julie; Jøranson, Nina; Tangen, Gro Gujord (2021). Mobility and Depressive Symptoms in Persons With Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer Dementia. Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy . Vol. 46.

Leão, Luana Lemos; Engedal, Knut; Monteiro-Junior, Renato Sobral; Tangen, Gro Gujord; Krogseth, Maria (2021). Malnutrition Is associated with impaired functional status in older people receiving home care nursing service. Frontiers in Nutrition . Vol. 8.

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