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Kristin Taraldsen

Kristin Taraldsen


Physiotherapist and Professor in Physiotherapy for older adults, part of the Research group on Ageing, Health and Welfare (AHW) at Department of Rehabilitation Science and Health Technology, OsloMet. Focus areas, physical activity, older people, exercise to prevent functional decline and falls, activity monitoring, physical behaviour, rehabilitation after hip fracture, cognitive decline and dementia.

Research projects

Scientific publications

Kjærvik, Cato; Gjertsen, Jan-Erik; Stensland, Eva; Taraldsen, Kristin ; Uleberg, Bård Erling; Søreide, Odd (2024). Impact of physiotherapy access on health-related quality of life following hip fracture: an observational study on 30 752 hip fractures from the Norwegian Hip Fracture Register 2014–2018. 8 p. BMJ Open. Vol. 14.

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Evensen, Sigurd Storhaug; Taraldsen, Kristin ; Aam, Stina; Morandi, Alessandro (2024). Delirium is associated with low levels of upright activity in geriatric inpatients—results from a prospective observational study. 7 p. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. Vol. 36.

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Yang, Yang; Boulton, Elisabeth; Taraldsen, Kristin ; Mikolaizak, A. Stefanie; Pijnnaples, Mirjam; Todd, Chris (2023). Adherence to mHealth and Paper-Based Versions of Lifestyle-Integrated Functional Exercise: A Secondary Analysis of Data From the PreventIT Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial. 7 p. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Vol. 31.

Runde, Henrik Alexander; Taraldsen, Kristin ; Follestad, Turid; Saltvedt, Ingvild Tina; Johnsen, Lars Gunnar (2023). The impact of cognitive function on physical activity, physical function and quality of life in older adults following a hip fracture. 9 p. Age and Ageing. Vol. 52.

Taraldsen, Kristin ; Polhemus, A.; Engdal, Monika; Jansen, C.-P.; Becker, C.; Brenner, N.; Blain, H.; Johnsen, Lars Gunnar; Vereijken, Beatrix (2023). Evaluation of mobility recovery after hip fracture: a scoping review of randomized controlled studies. 13 p. Osteoporosis International. Vol. 35.

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Tangen, Gro Gujord ; Sverdrup, Karen; Taraldsen, Kristin ; Persson, Karin Ester Torun; Engedal, Knut; Wetterberg, Peter; Knapskog, Anne Brita (2023). Mobility and associations with levels of cerebrospinal fluid amyloid β and tau in a memory clinic cohort. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Vol. 15.

Nygård, Arnhild Jenssen; Taraldsen, Kristin ; Granbo, Randi ; Selbæk, Geir; Helbostad, Jorunn L. (2022). Impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on level of physical activity and health in home-dwelling older adults in Norway. European Review of Aging and Physical Activity. Vol. 19.

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