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Linda Aimee Hartford Kvæl

Linda Aimee Hartford Kvæl


Linda Kvæl is a postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the research group Aging, Health and Welfare, and researcher II for NOVA, Department of Ageing Research and Housing Studies. She has a PhD in health sciences from OsloMet. Kvæl has clinical experience as a physiotherapist from the community care services with a master's degree in rehabilitation of older persons. Her research interests include quality in health and care services for older people and their relatives, with a special focus on participation, active aging in context, person-centered care and implementation of evidence-based knowledge.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Health sciences

Subject areas

Patient progress   Active aging   Implementation Science   Health and care services   Person-centred care

Research projects

Scientific publications

Kvæl, Linda Aimee Hartford; Gautun, Heidi (2023). Social inequality in navigating the healthcare maze: Care trajectories from hospital to home via intermediate care for older people in Norway. Social Science and Medicine. Vol. 333.

Gautun, Heidi; Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Bratt, Christopher (2022). After Hospital: Should Older Care-Needing Patients Be Transferred to Their Homes or to an intermediate Care Institution?. Healthcare. Vol. 10.

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Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Løchting, Ida; Molin, Marianne (2022). Use of Dietary Supplements and Perceived Knowledge among Adults Living with Fibromyalgia in Norway: A Cross-Sectional Study. Nutrients. Vol. 14.

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Hellesø, Ragnhild; Bergland, Astrid; Debesay, Jonas (2022). Balancing standardisation and individualisation in transitional care pathways: a meta-ethnography of the perspectives of older patients, informal caregivers and healthcare professionals. 16 p. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 22.

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee (2021). Helhetlige pasientforløp: brukernes erfaringer med pasientdeltakelse og personsentrert omsorg i kommunal korttidsrehabilitering i overgangen mellom sykehus og hjem. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning. Vol. 7.

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Bergland, Astrid (2021). The practice environment’s influence on patient participation in intermediate healthcare services – the perspectives of patients, relatives and healthcare professionals. BMC Health Services Research.

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Debesay, Jonas; Bye, Asta; Bergland, Astrid (2019). The dramaturgical act of positioning within family meetings: Negotiation of patients’ participation in intermediate care services. Qualitative Health Research.

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Debesay, Jonas; Bye, Asta; Langaas, Anne; Bergland, Astrid (2019). Choice, Voice, and Coproduction in Intermediate Care: Exploring Geriatric Patients’ and Their Relatives’ Perspectives on Patient Participation. Sage Open. Vol. 9.

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Debesay, Jonas; Bye, Asta; Bergland, Astrid (2019). Health‐care professionals’ experiences of patient participation among older patients in intermediate care—At the intersection between profession, market and bureaucracy. Health Expectations. Vol. 22.

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