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Astrid Bergland

Astrid Bergland

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Quality of Life   Rehabilitation   Gerontology   Psychometrics   Dementia   Exercise   Disease prevention   Physical activity   Geriatric medicine

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Scientific publications

Nygaard, Agnete; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Grov, Ellen Karine; Bergland, Astrid (2022). ‘What matters to you?'—a qualitative study on the views of nursing home residents with dementia regarding the health care they receive. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) . Vol. 31.

Beckmann, Monica; Bruun-Olsen, Vigdis; Pripp, Are Hugo; Bergland, Astrid; Smith, Toby; Heiberg, Kristi Elisabeth (2022). Recovery and prediction of physical function 1 year following hip fracture. Physiotherapy Research International .

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee; Hellesø, Ragnhild; Bergland, Astrid; Debesay, Jonas (2022). Balancing standardisation and individualisation in transitional care pathways: a meta-ethnography of the perspectives of older patients, informal caregivers and healthcare professionals. BMC Health Services Research . Vol. 22.

Skoglund, Gyri; Nilsson, Birgitta Blakstad; Olsen, Cecilie Fromholt; Bergland, Astrid; Hilde, Gunvor (2022). Facilitators and barriers for lifestyle change in people with prediabetes: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies. 27 p. BMC Public Health . Vol. 22.

Ekerholt, Kirsten; Bergland, Astrid (2021). Embodied Knowledge–the Phenomenon of Subjective Health Complaints reflected upon by Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy specialists. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice .

Nishchyk, Anna; Chen, Weiqin; Pripp, Are Hugo; Bergland, Astrid (2021). The Effect of Mixed Reality Technologies for Falls Prevention Among Older Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JMIR Aging . Vol. 4.

Sogstad, Maren Kristine Raknes; Bergland, Astrid (2021). Sårbar sammenheng i helse- og omsorgstjenesten til eldre pasienter. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning . Vol. 7.

Madsen, Karoline; Wibe, Torunn; Bye, Asta; Debesay, Jonas; Bergland, Astrid (2021). Top 10 research priorities to improve the everyday life of older patients with multimorbidity: A James Lind Alliance (JLA) inspired Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning . Vol. 7.

Stødle, Irene Vestøl; Debesay, Jonas; Bergland, Astrid (2021). The journey of recovery after hip-facture surgery: older people’s experiences of recovery through rehabilitation services involving physical activity. Disability and Rehabilitation .

Stødle, Irene Vestøl; Debesay, Jonas; Bergland, Astrid (2021). Mobility—A Bridge to Sense of Coherence in Everyday Life: Older Patients’ Experiences of Participation in an Exercise Program During the First 3 Weeks After Hip Fracture Surgery. Qualitative Health Research . Vol. 31.

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