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Liv Halvorsrud

Liv Halvorsrud

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Quality of Life   Older people   Welfare technology   Community health services   Choronic illness

Scientific publications

Thorstensen, Erik; Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Karterud, Dag; Lund, Anne (2020). Technological Care. Health Professionals’ Discourses on Technology in Home-Based Services Seen Through a Capability Approach. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) .

Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Lund, Anne (2020). A critical occupational perspective on user engagement of older adults in an assisted living facility in technology research over three years. 14 p. Journal of Occupational Science (JOS) .

Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Thorstensen, Erik; Karterud, Dag; Laliberte Rudman, Debbie; Lund, Anne (2020). Community Health Care Workers’ Experiences on Enacting Policy on Technology with Citizens with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare . Vol. 13.

Sletner, Anita; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill (2020). Opplæring i systematisk observasjon (ALERT) i kommunehelse­tjenesten og betydningen for jobbtilfredshet. Sykepleien Forskning .

Nygaard, Agnete; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Linnerud, Siv; Grov, Ellen Karine; Bergland, Astrid (2019). The James Lind Alliance process approach: Scoping review. BMJ Open . Vol. 9.

Rostad, Hanne Marie; Grov, Ellen Karine; Utne, Inger; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill (2019). Kjennetegn ved sykehjemsbeboere med langtkommen demens og smerter. 22 p. Sykepleien Forskning .

Haraldstad, Kristin; Wahl, Astrid Klopstad; Andenæs, Randi; Andersen, John Roger; Andersen, Marit Helen; Beisland, Elisabeth Grov; Borge, Christine Råheim; Engebretsen, Eivind; Eisemann, Martin; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Hanssen, Tove Aminda; Haugstvedt, Anne; Haugland, Trude; Johansen, Venke A; Larsen, Marie Hamilton; Løvereide, Lise; Løyland, Borghild; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal; Moons, P; Norekvål, Tone M.; Ribu, Lis; Rohde, Gudrun E.; Urstad, Kristin Hjorthaug; Helseth, Sølvi (2019). A systematic review of quality of life research in medicine and health sciences. Quality of Life Research . Vol. 28.

Halvorsrud, Liv; Ollivier, Marianne; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal (2018). Fontenehusets betydning for unge medlemmer. Tidsskrift for psykisk helsearbeid . Vol. 15.

Holthe, Torhild; Casagrande, Flavia Dias; Halvorsrud, Liv; Lund, Anne (2018). The assisted living project: a process evaluation of implementation of sensor technology in community assisted living. A feasibility study. 8 p. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology .

Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv; Karterud, Dag; Hoel, Kari Anne; Lund, Anne (2018). Usability and acceptability of technology for community-dwelling older adults with mild cognitive impairment and dementia: A systematic literature review. Clinical Interventions in Aging . Vol. 13.

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