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Anne Lund

Anne Lund


Areas of interests are ageing, health, occupational therapy, meaningful occupations through the life course, rehabilitation, transdisciplinary work, needs analysis, user involvement, people with stroke, mild cognitive impairments or dementia, assistive technology, responsible innovation and research and complex interventions.

Scientific publications

Slåtsveen, Ruth-Ellen; Wibe, Torunn; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Lund, Anne (2023). Interdisciplinary frontline teams in home-based healthcare services—paradoxes between organisational work structures and the trust model: a qualitative study. 11 p. BMC Health Services Research . Vol. 23.

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Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Lund, Anne (2022). Digital assistive technology to support everyday living in community-dwelling older adults with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Clinical Interventions in Aging . Vol. 17.

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Slåtsveen, Ruth-Ellen; Wibe, Torunn; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Lund, Anne (2021). Needs-led research: a way of employing user involvement when devising research questions on the trust model in community home-based health care services in Norway. 10 p. Research Involvement and Engagement . Vol. 7.

Fraser, Theresa; Karon, Leora; Lund, Anne; Sveen, Unni; Kessler, Dorothy (2021). Examining components of community psychosocial stroke interventions using concept mapping. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy . Vol. 29.

Sølvsberg, Anne Myhre; Lund, Anne (2021). "Det var jo en voldsom åpenbaring"- En studie av nettbrettbruk i hverdagslivet til Omsorg+-beboere. Ergoterapeuten . Vol. 2.

Strandenæs, Margit Gausdal; Lund, Anne; Engedal, Knut; Kirkevold, Øyvind; Selbæk, Geir; Saltyte Benth, Jurate; Rokstad, Anne Marie Mork (2021). Self-reported quality of life in people with dementia attending a day-care programme in Norway: A 24-month quasi-experimental study. Health and Social Care in the Community . Vol. 30.

Lund, Anne; Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Karterud, Dag; Johannessen, Adele Flakke; Lovett, Hilde; Thorstensen, Erik; Casagrande, Flavia Dias; Zouganeli, Evi; Norvoll, Reidun; Forsberg, Ellen-Marie (2021). Involving older adults in technology research and development discussions through dialogue cafés. 14 p. Research Involvement and Engagement . Vol. 26.

Michelet, Mona; Selbæk, Geir; Strand, Bjørn Heine; Lund, Anne; Engedal, Knut; Bieber, Anja; Gonçalves‐Pereira, Manuel; Hopper, Louise; Irving, Kate; Jelley, Hannah; Marques, Maria J.; Orrell, Martin; Portolani, Daniel M.; Sjölund, Britt-Marie; Sköldunger, Anders; Stephan, Astrid; Verhey, Frans; de Vugt, Marjolein; Wolfs, Claire; Woods, Bob; Zanetti, Orazio; Bergh, Sverre (2021). Associations between unmet needs for daytime activities and company and scores on the Neuropsychiatric Inventory-Questionnaire in people with dementia: a longitudinal study. Aging & Mental Health . Vol. 26.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete