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Safora Johansen

Safora Johansen


Safora Johansen completed her doctorate in radiation oncology and late side effects in breast cancer patients in 2010 at the University of Oslo. As a post doctorate, she continued her research in the same area at the institute for cancer research, Oslo University hospital, Radium Hospital. She has participated in implementation of new and advanced radiotherapy techniques, and has studied the effect of these advanced techniques on late side effects development in cancer patients receiving radiotherapy as a part of their treatment (Funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society). Another research area for Safora Johansen has been about estimating the risk for radiation induced secondary cancer in cancer patients because of radiotherapy by employing bio mathematical models. She is now working as an associate professor at the Oslo Metropolitan University and a senior researcher at the Oslo University hospital.
Recent interest includes studying palliative radiotherapy in patients with brain metastases, user involvement to identify cancer treatment uncertainties, the impact of using different exposure values and contrast medium administration on image quality and dose in diagnostic.

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Scientific publications

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