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Salma Naimi

Salma Naimi

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Scientific publications

Tonkopi, Elena; Tetteh, Mercy Afadzi ; Gunn, Catherine; Ashraf, Haseem; Rusten, Sigrid Lia; Safi, Perkhah; Tinsoe, Nora Suu; Colford, Kylie; Ouellet, Olivia; Naimi, Salma ; Johansen, Safora (2024). A multi-institutional assessment of low-dose protocols in chest computed tomography: Dose and image quality. Acta Radiologica Open. Vol. 13.

Naimi, Salma ; Ødegaard, Kaja Johannson; Jenssen, Kjersti Kaul; Lauritzen, Peter Mæhre (2024). Quality of referrals for lower extremity ultrasonography and computed tomography pulmonary angiography and associations with positive findings of venous thromboembolism. 6 p. Radiography. Vol. 30.

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