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Evi Zouganeli

Evi Zouganeli


Broad perspective and Research and Development work within data analysis and modelling, technologies, and systems. Extensive experience from European collaborative Research – among others in photonic technologies, semiconductors, broadband networks, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning. Industrial experience, consulting work within technology strategy and roadmap, new business development, entrepreneurship, and patenting.

Current research focuses on the use of Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Intelligent Systems, and Cognitive Robotics for a range of applications, incl. assistive technologies, smart cities, smart industry.

Head of the Automation, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems (ARIS) research group at OsloMet.

Board member of NAIS - the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society.

Scientific publications

Zouganeli, Evi; Lentzas, Athanasios (2023). Cognitive Robotics - Towards the Development of Next-Generation Robotics and Intelligent Systems. Communications in Computer and Information Science . Vol. 1650.

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Rongved, Olav Andre Nergård; Hicks, Steven; Thambawita, Vajira L B; Stensland, Håkon Kvale; Zouganeli, Evi; Johansen, Dag; Riegler, Michael Alexander; Midoglu, Cise; Halvorsen, Pål (2021). Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-time Detection of Soccer Events. International Journal of Semantic Computing (IJSC) .

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Casagrande, Flavia Dias; Tørresen, Jim; Zouganeli, Evi (2019). Comparison of Probabilistic Models and Neural Networks on Prediction of Home Sensor Events. Jayne, Chrisina; Somogyvári, Zoltán (Ed.). 2019 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). konferanseartikkel. IEEE.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete