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Informatics   Distributed multimedia systems   Communication   Data communication   Distributed multimedia   Communication systems   Operating systems

Research projects

Scientific publications

Aneja, Shivangi; Midoglu, Cise; Dang Nguyen, Duc Tien; Khan, Sohail Ahmed; Riegler, Michael; Halvorsen, Pål; Bregler, Chris; Adsumilli, Balu (2022). ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge on Detecting Cheapfakes. Magalhaes, Joao; Del Bimbo, Alberto; Satoh, Shin'ichi; Sebe, Nicu (Ed.). MM '22: Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Multimedia. challenge paper. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Boeker, Matthias; Hammer, Hugo Lewi; Riegler, Michael; Halvorsen, Pål; Jakobsen, Petter (2022). Prediction of schizophrenia from activity data using hidden Markov model parameters. Neural computing & applications (Print) .

Pontes Filho, Sidney; Olsen, Kristoffer; Yazidi, Anis; Riegler, Michael; Halvorsen, Pål; Nichele, Stefano (2022). Towards the Neuroevolution of Low-level artificial general intelligence. 15 p. Frontiers in Robotics and AI . Vol. 9.

Thambawita, Vajira L B; Salehi, Pegah; Sheshkal, Sajad Amouei; Hicks, Steven; Hammer, Hugo Lewi; Parasa, Sravanthi; de Lange, Thomas; Halvorsen, Pål; Riegler, Michael (2022). SinGAN-Seg: Synthetic training data generation for medical image segmentation. PLOS ONE . Vol. 17.

Zohaib Hassan, Syed; Ahmad, Kashif; Hicks, Steven; Halvorsen, Pål; Al-Fuqaha, Ala; Conci, Nicola; Riegler, Michael Alexander (2022). Visual Sentiment Analysis from Disaster Images in Social Media. Sensors . Vol. 22.

Hicks, Steven A.; Strumke, Inga; Thambawita, Vajira L B; Hammou, Malek; Riegler, Michael Alexander; Halvorsen, Pål (2022). On evaluation metrics for medical applications of artificial intelligence. Scientific Reports . Vol. 12.

Nordmo, Tor-Arne Schmidt; Kvalsvik, Ove; Kvalsund, Svein Ove; Hansen, Birte; Halvorsen, Pål; Hicks, Steven; Johansen, Dag; Johansen, Håvard D.; Riegler, Michael Alexander (2022). Fish AI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing. 3 p. Nordic Machine Intelligence (NMI) . Vol. 2.

Nordmo, Tor-Arne Schmidt; Ovesen, Aril Bernhard; Juliussen, Bjørn Aslak; Hicks, Steven; Thambawita, Vajira L B; Johansen, Håvard D.; Halvorsen, Pål; Riegler, Michael Alexander; Johansen, Dag (2022). Njord: a fishing trawler dataset. Murray, Niall; Simon, Gwendal; Farias, Mylene; Viola, Irene; Montagud, Mario (Ed.). MMSys '22: Proceedings of the 13th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference. konferanseartikkel. ACM Publications.

Alslie, Joakim Aalstad; Ovesen, Aril Bernhard; Nordmo, Tor-Arne Schmidt; Johansen, Håvard D.; Halvorsen, Pål; Riegler, Michael; Johansen, Dag (2022). Áika: A Distributed Edge System for AI Inference. Big Data and Cognitive Computing . Vol. 6.

Jha, Debesh; Rauniyar, Ashish; Johansen, Håvard D.; Johansen, Dag; Riegler, Michael Alexander; Halvorsen, Pål; Bagci, Ulas (2022). Video Analytics in Elite Soccer: A Distributed Computing Perspective. Proceedings of the IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop .

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete