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Tor Paaske Utheim

Tor Paaske Utheim

Scientific publications

Morthen, Mathias Kaurstad; Magnø, Morten Schjerven; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Hammond, Christopher J.; Vehof, Jelle (2023). The work-related burden of dry eye. The ocular surface . Vol. 28.

Nguyen, Long; Magnø, Morten Schjerven; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Hammond, Christopher J.; Vehof, Jelle (2023). The relationship between sedentary behavior and dry eye disease. The ocular surface . Vol. 28.

Enayati, Sam; Zhou, Wen; Stojanovic, Aleksandar; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Bian, Zhiwen; Feng, Yue; Chen, Xiangjun (2022). Effect of femtosecond laser cutting parameters on the results of small-incision lenticule extraction. Journal of cataract and refractive surgery . Vol. 48.

Feng, Yue; Reinstein, Dan Z.; Nitter, Tore A.; Archer, Timothy J.; McAlinden, Colm; Chen, Xiangjun; Bertelsen, Geir; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Stojanovic, Aleksandar (2022). Heidelberg anterion swept-source OCT corneal epithelial thickness mapping: Repeatability and agreement with optovue avanti. Journal of refractive surgery . Vol. 38.

Fries, Fabian N; Moslemani, Kayed; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Seitz, Berthold; Käsmann-Kellner, Barbara; Lagali, Neil Satish (2022). Early ocular surface and tear film status in congenital aniridia indicates a supportive treatment window. 7 p. British Journal of Ophthalmology .

Jackson, Catherine Joan; Naqvi, Maria; Gundersen, Kjell Gunnar; Utheim, Tor Paaske (2022). Role of stem cells in regenerative treatment of dry eye disease caused by lacrimal gland dysfunction. 16 p. Acta Ophthalmologica .

Yang, Menglu; Lennikov, Anton; Chang, Karen; Ashok, Ajay; Lee, Cherin; Cho, Kin-Sang; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Dartt, Darlene Ann; Chen, Dong Feng (2022). Transcorneal but not transpalpebral electrical stimulation disrupts mucin homeostasis of the ocular surface. BMC Ophthalmology . Vol. 22:490.

Eidet, Jon Roger; Chen, Xiangjun; Ræder, Sten; Badian, Reza; Utheim, Tor Paaske (2022). Seasonal variations in presenting symptoms and signs of dry eye disease in Norway. 6 p. Scientific Reports . Vol. 12.

Fineide, Fredrik; Storås, Andrea; Chen, Xiangjun; Magnø, Morten Schjerven; Yazidi, Anis; Riegler, Michael; Utheim, Tor Paaske (2022). Predicting an unstable tear film through artificial intelligence. 12 p. Scientific Reports . Vol. 12.

Jirsova, K.; Levova, K.; Kalousova, M.; Fales, I.; Frankova, V.; Vesela, V.; Zima, T.; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Bednar, J. (2022). Time and Temperature Stability of TGF-β1, EGF and IGF-1 in 20% and 100% Human Serum. Folia biologica (Praha). Vol. 68.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete