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Miriam Sinkerud Johnson

Miriam Sinkerud Johnson

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Johnson, Sverre Urnes; Amundsen, Ole Myklebust; S. Johnson, Miriam; Hoffart, Asle; Halsøy, Øyvind; Skjerdingstad, Nora; Nordbø, Sara Ebling; Ebrahimi, Omid V. (2022). Psychiatric symptoms in COVID-19-positive individuals in the general population: Trajectories of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. 6 p. Psychiatry Research . Vol. 317.

Salehi, Pegah; Hassan, Syed Zohaib; Lammerse, Myrthe; Shafiee Sabet, Saeed; Riiser, Ingvild; Røed, Ragnhild Klingenberg; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Hicks, Steven; Thambawita, Vajira; Powell, Martine; Lamb, Michael E.; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid; Halvorsen, Pål; Riegler, Michael (2022). Synthesizing a Talking Child Avatar to Train Interviewers Working with Maltreated Children. Big Data and Cognitive Computing . Vol. 6.

Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Skjerdingstad, Nora; Ebrahimi, Omid Vakili; Hoffart, Asle; Johnson, Sverre Urnes (2021). Parenting in a Pandemic: Parental Stress, Anxiety and Depression Among Parents During the Government-Initiated Physical Distancing Measures Following the First Wave of COVID-19. Stress and Health .

Skjerdingstad, Nora; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Johnson, Sverre Urnes; Hoffart, Asle; Ebrahimi, Omid Vakili (2021). Parental burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic. Family Process .

Skjerdingstad, Nora; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Johnson, Sverre Urnes; Hoffart, Asle; Ebrahimi, Omid Vakili (2021). Feelings of Worthlessness Links Depressive Symptoms and Parental Stress: A Network Analysis during the COVID-19 Pandemic. European psychiatry . Vol. 64.

Ebrahimi, Omid Vakili; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Ebling, Sara; Amundsen, Ole Myklebust; Halsøy, Øyvind; Hoffart, Asle; Skjerdingstad, Nora; Johnson, Sverre Urnes (2021). Risk, Trust, and Flawed Assumptions: Vaccine Hesitancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 8 p. Frontiers in Public Health . Vol. 9.

Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Skjerdingstad, Nora; Ebrahimi, Omid V.; Hoffart, Asle; Johnson, Sverre Urnes (2021). Mechanisms of parental distress during and after the first COVID-19 lockdown phase: A two-wave longitudinal study. PLOS ONE . Vol. 16.

Baugerud, Gunn Astrid; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam; Hansen, Helle Birgitte; Magnussen, Svein J; Lamb, Michael E. (2021). Portraits in straw: A reply to Melinder et al. (2020). Applied Cognitive Psychology . Vol. 35.

Åker, Tone Hee; Strømgren, Børge; Søndenaa, Erik; S. Johnson, Miriam (2020). Between the criminal justice and healthcare sectors: responsibilities in securing healthcare needs for people with intellectual disabilities after an investigative interview. 13 p. Nordic Social Work Research .

Åker, Tone Hee; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam (2020). Interviewing alleged victims with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities and autism. A field study of police-investigated cases of physical and sexual abuse in a Norwegian national sample. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research . Vol. 64.

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