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Miriam Sinkerud Johnson

Miriam Sinkerud Johnson

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Johnson, Miriam S. ; Magnussen, Svein; Asmyhr, Anders Foyn; Helgeland, Johanna Jensen; Jonassen, Marie Pilegaard; Lundal, Emil; Marthinsen, Marthe Haua; Sikveland, Kai; Sjøflot, Ann Kristin; Skoglund, Rebekka Synøve; Tallaksen, Patrick; Tangen, Marthe Elise Døhlen Fjeldberg; Tran, Johnny; Flatebø Widmark, Line (2023). Doctored photographs create false memories of spectacular childhood events. A replication of Wade et al. (2002) with a Scandinavian twist. Memory. Vol. 31.

Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam ; Skjerdingstad, Nora Paulsen; Hoffart, Asle; Ebrahimi, Omid Vakili; Johnson, Sverre Urnes (2023). Triggered by worry: A dynamic network analysis of COVID-19 pandemic-related anxiety and parental stress. 8 p. Journal of Affective Disorders. Vol. 346.

Johnson, Miriam S. ; Hyvik, Martine Stordrange; Johansen, Ida Caroline Bråthen; Magnussen, Svein; Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Røed, Ragnhild Klingenberg; Pripp, Are Hugo ; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid (2023). The Use and Productivity of Visual Aids as Retrieval Support in Police Interviews of Preschool-Aged Victims of Abuse. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.

Drejer, Catharina Sofie Rodenburg ; Riegler, Michael ; Halvorsen, Pål ; S. Johnson, Miriam ; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid (2023). Livestreaming Technology and Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: A Scoping Review. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Zohaib Hassan, Syed; Shafiee Sabet, Saeed; Riegler, Michael Alexander ; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid ; Ko, Hayley Manalang ; Salehi, Pegah; Røed, Ragnhild Klingenberg; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam ; Halvorsen, Pål (2023). Enhancing investigative interview training using a child avatar system: a comparative study of interactive environments. 17 p. Scientific Reports. Vol. 13.

Røed, Ragnhild Klingenberg; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid ; Zohaib Hassan, Syed; Shafiee Sabet, Saeed; Salehi, Pegah; Powell, Martine B.; Riegler, Michael Alexander ; Halvorsen, Pål ; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam (2023). Enhancing questioning skills through child avatar chatbot training with feedback. 15 p. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 14.

Baugerud, Gunn Astrid ; Røed, Ragnhild Klingenberg; Hansen, Helle Birgitte; Poulsen, Julie Schøning; S. Johnson, Miriam (2023). Evaluating Child Interviews Conducted by Child Protective Services Workers and Police Investigators. 19 p. The British Journal of Social Work. Vol. 53.

Johnson, Sverre Urnes; Amundsen, Ole Myklebust; S. Johnson, Miriam ; Hoffart, Asle; Halsøy, Øyvind; Skjerdingstad, Nora; Nordbø, Sara Ebling; Ebrahimi, Omid V. (2022). Psychiatric symptoms in COVID-19-positive individuals in the general population: Trajectories of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. 6 p. Psychiatry Research. Vol. 317.

Hassan, Syed Zohaib; Sabet, Saeed; Salehi, Pegah; Ko, Hayley Manalang ; Riiser, Ingvild; S. Johnson, Miriam ; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid ; Riegler, Michael ; Halvorsen, Pål (2022). A Comparative Study of Interactive Environments for Investigative Interview of A Virtual Child Avatar. Bulterman, Dick; Kankanhalli, Mohan S.; Muehlhaeuser, Max; Persia, Fabio; Sheu, Phillip; Tsai, Jeffrey J.P. (Ed.). Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM). p. 194-201. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Hassan, Syed Zohaib; Salehi, Pegah; Riegler, Michael ; S. Johnson, Miriam ; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid ; Halvorsen, Pål ; Sabet, Saeed (2022). A Virtual Reality Talking Avatar for Investigative Interviews of Maltreated Children. Djeraba, Chaabane; Lokoč, Jakub; Vrochidis, Stefanos (Ed.). CBMI '22: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Content-based Multimedia Indexing. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

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