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Rolf Magnus Grung

Rolf Magnus Grung

Scientific publications

Johnson, Miriam S. ; Hyvik, Martine Stordrange; Johansen, Ida Caroline Bråthen; Magnussen, Svein; Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Røed, Ragnhild Klingenberg; Pripp, Are Hugo ; Baugerud, Gunn Astrid (2023). The Use and Productivity of Visual Aids as Retrieval Support in Police Interviews of Preschool-Aged Victims of Abuse. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.

Boyle, Andrew; Abdulla, Samuel; Odrowaz-Coats, Anna; Tah, Jude; Kiss, Julien-Ferencz; Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Ahlstrøm, Margareta; Marsh, Lynne (2023). Supporting the social inclusion of children and young adults with IDD and psychiatric comorbidities: Auto-biographical narratives of practitioners and academics from Europe. 15 p. Society Register. Vol. 7.

Perkowska-Klejman, Anna; Lejzerowicz, Magda; Kiss, Julien-Ferencz; Ortan, Florica; Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Dæhlen, Dag ; Marsh, Lynne; Abdulla, Samuel (2022). Changes in language about IDD, mental illness, disability in different countries in different languages. 10 p. Language, Discourse & Society (LD&S). Vol. 10.

Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Brown, Michael John; Abdulla, Samuel; Kiss, Julien-Ferencz; Ortan, Florica; Odrowaz-Coates, Anna; Sufraz, Mohammad; Tah, Jude; Marsh, Lynne (2020). Social inclusion and people with intellectual disabilities in seven European countries. 10 p. Learning Disability Practice journal.

Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Vandbakk, Monica ; Tverberg, Rune (2020). Forsterkningsbasert behandling av automatisk forsterket problematferd: Matchede eller umatchede forsterkere?. Norsk Tidsskrift for Atferdsanalyse (NTA). Vol. 47.

Sam, Abdulla; Brown, Michael; Grung, Rolf Magnus (2018). Student experiences of an Erasmus+ project on children and young people with complex intellectual and developmental disabilities. Learning Disability Practice journal. Vol. 21.

Grung, Rolf Magnus (2018). Læringseffekt av podkastundervisning av kommunalt ansatt helse- og omsorgspersonell sammenliknet med læringseffekt av klasseromsundervisning av vernepleierstudenter ved undervisning om funksjonelle analyser: En pilotstudie. Norsk Tidsskrift for Atferdsanalyse (NTA). Vol. 45.

Brown, Michael; Surfraz, Mohammed; Wroldsen, Reidar ; Popa, Daiana; Grung, Rolf Magnus (2017). Improving healthcare access for people with intellectual disabilities in four European countries. Learning Disability Practice journal. Vol. 20.

Eikeseth, Svein ; Grung, Rolf Magnus (2016). Environmental enrichment and stereotypic behavior. 14 p. European Journal of Behavior Analysis (EJOBA).

Grung, Rolf Magnus ; Jørgensen, Lars Tandberg (2015). Behandling av funksjonell enkoprese. Norsk Tidsskrift for Atferdsanalyse (NTA). Vol. 42.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete