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Vibeke Telle-Hansen

Vibeke Telle-Hansen

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Fatty Acids   Lipid Metabolism   Gene regulation   Molecular nutrition   Obesity   Beta-glucans   Nutrigenomics   Gut microbiota   Blood glucose regulation   Clinical trials



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Christensen, Jacob J. ; Arnesen, Erik Kristoffer; Rundblad, Amanda ; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke ; Narverud, Ingunn; Blomhoff, Rune; Bogsrud, Martin Prøven; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Ulven, Stine Marie ; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund (2024). Dietary fat quality, plasma atherogenic lipoproteins, and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: An overview of the rationale for dietary recommendations for fat intake. Atherosclerosis. Vol. 389.

Riegler, Michael Alexander ; Thambawita, Vajira; Chatterjee, Ayan; Nguyen, Thu; Hicks, Steven; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke ; Pettersen, Svein Arne; Johansen, Dag; Jain, Ramesh; Halvorsen, Pål (2023). ScopeSense: An 8.5-Month Sport, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Lifelogging Dataset. Dang-Nguyen, Duc-Tien (Ed.). MultiMedia Modeling : 29th International conference, MMM 2023, Bergen, Norway, January 9-12, 2023, Proceedings, Part II. Springer.

Garnweidner-Holme, Lisa ; Hellmann, Monica; Henriksen, Christine; Austad, Elisabeh; Nakken Watters, Solveig Ivara ; Gaundal, Line ; Lundin, Knut; Myhrstad, Mari ; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke (2023). Experiences with Gluten-Free Bread: A Qualitative Study Amongst People with Coeliac Disease Participating in a Randomised Controlled Trial. Foods. Vol. 12:4338.

Canet, Francisco; Christensen, Jacob J. ; Victor, Victor M.; Hustad, Kristin Solheim; Ottestad, Inger ; Rundblad, Amanda ; Sæther, Thomas; Dalen, Knut Tomas; Ulven, Stine Marie ; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke (2022). Glycated proteins, glycine, acetate, and monounsaturated fatty acids may act as new biomarkers to predict the progression of type 2 diabetes: Secondary analyses of a randomized controlled trial. Nutrients. Vol. 14.

Telle-Hansen, Vibeke ; Gaundal, Line ; Bastani, Nasser Ezzatkhah; Rud, Ida; Byfuglien, Marte G.; Gjøvaag, Terje ; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Ulven, Stine Marie ; Myhrstad, Mari (2022). Replacing saturated fatty acids with polyunsaturated fatty acids increases the abundance of Lachnospiraceae and is associated with reduced total cholesterol levels-a randomized controlled trial in healthy individuals. Lipids in Health and Disease. Vol. 21.

Telle-Hansen, Vibeke ; Gaundal, Line ; Høgvard, Benedicte; Ulven, Stine Marie ; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Byfuglien, Marte Gjeitung; Måge, Ingrid; Knutsen, Svein Halvor; Ballance, Simon; Rieder, Anne; Rud, Ida; Myhrstad, Mari (2022). A three-day intervention with granola containing cereal beta-glucan improves glycemic response and changes the gut microbiota in healthy individuals: A crossover study. Frontiers in Nutrition. Vol. 9.

Garnweidner-Holme, Lisa ; Hallquist, Marit; Nakken Watters, Solveig Ivara ; Gjøvik, Mia; Pihl Fredriksen, Marius; Jonassen, Stephanie; Ravnanger, Ina; Henriksen, Christine; Myhrstad, Mari ; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke (2022). Attitudes towards and experiences with sourdough and baker’s yeast bread amongst participants in a randomised controlled trial: a qualitative study. Food & Nutrition Research (FNR). Vol. 66.

Gaundal, Line ; Myhrstad, Mari ; Rud, Ida; Gjøvaag, Terje ; Byfuglien, Marte G.; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Ulven, Stine Marie ; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke (2022). Gut microbiota is associated with dietary intake and metabolic markers in healthy individuals. 14 p. Food & Nutrition Research (FNR). Vol. 66.

Larsen, Sunniva Veen; Holven, Kirsten B.; Christensen, Jacob J. ; Flatberg, Arnar; Rundblad, Amanda ; Leder, Lena; Blomhoff, Rune; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke ; Kolehmainen, Marjukka; Carlberg, Carsten; Myhrstad, Mari C. ; Thoresen, Magne; Ulven, Stine M. (2021). Replacing Saturated Fat with Polyunsaturated Fat Modulates Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Gene Expression and Pathways Related to Cardiovascular Disease Risk Using a Whole Transcriptome Approach. 11 p. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. Vol. 65.

Svendsen, Karianne ; Torheim, Liv E. ; Fjellberg, Vibeke; Sorprud, Anita; Narverud, Ingunn; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Bogsrud, Martin P.; Holven, Kirsten B.; Myhrstad, Mari C W ; Telle-Hansen, Vibeke H. (2021). Gender differences in nutrition literacy levels among university students and employees: a descriptive study. 7 p. Journal of Nutritional Science (JNS). Vol. 10.

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