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Public Health Nutrition

This research group focuses on food, nutrition and health, viewed in a societal and cultural perspective.

The largest public health challenge in the world today is unhealthy diets leading to the development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. The diet of different population groups is influenced by political, social and cultural factors. The overall goal of the research group is to contribute with knowledge that helps to promote a healthy and sustainable diet, prevent nutrition-related diseases and reduce social health inequalities. Our research supports the Sustainable Development Goals and national public health goals and has both a national and global perspective.

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      More specifically, the research group is involved in projects that investigate:

      • the relationship between food and health at a molecular biological level. Such knowledge lays the foundation for the development of dietary advice
      • the mechanisms behind the development of NCDs and identification of biomarkers for dietary intake and health
      • prevalence, causes and consequences of nutritional problems in different population groups
      • design and evaluation of programmes and interventions in various arenas (eg kindergartens, schools and health stations) that take into account the needs of vulnerable groups and contribute to reducing social inequalities in health
      • how food and nutrition policy is designed and implemented
      • how knowledge about a sustainable and healthy diet is communicated at different levels and to different groups in society
      • how to improve nutritional competence among health personnel using digital teaching methods

      The group is associated with two master's specializations in nutrition that are part of the Master's in Health Sciences: Public Health Nutrition and Nutrition Competencies for Health Professionals.

      The group has a broad approach to nutrition research that includes methods in molecular biology, dietary intervention studies, nutrition epidemiology, nutrition communication, food sociology and food culture, intervention research and policy research, in addition to research in teaching methods. We apply quantitative and qualitative methods as well as research in the laboratory.

      The research group collaborates with a number of Norwegian and international institutions.