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Food security among refugees and asylum seekers in Norway

The aim of the project is to investigate the prevalence of food insecurity and factors associated among asylum seekers and refugees in Norway.

High prevalence of food insecurity has been observed among asylum seekers resettled in high-income countries. 

Economic constraints, lack of knowledge about new foods, difficulties with shopping, challenges with language, as well as problems complying with various religious food rules are associated with the occurrence and severity of food insecurity. 

However, no data on food security among asylum seekers in Norway currently exist.

The aim of this project is to investigate food security and experiences with food provision and meals preparation at asylum reception centres in Norway. 

This is a long-term project started in 2014, aiming to capture aspects of food insecurity following waves of migration in Norway.

Different methods have been adopted to investigate this topic:

Currently, we are investigating food security among Ukrainian refugees.

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  • Partner institutions

    • Consumption Research Norway (SIFO) at OsloMet
    • The Agency for Health, Oslo municipality