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Laura Terragni

Laura Terragni


Laura Terragni is Professor in Public Health Nutrition and head of works at OsloMet at the Department of Public Health Nutrition. She teaches food sociology, public health nutrition interventions and qualitative methods. Her main research interests include changes in food habits after migration, food security and nutrition communication towards minorities. I am also interested in how people cope with dietary changes in daily life and in sustainable food consumption. 

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Nutrition   Sociology

Subject areas

Sociology of food   Healthcare communication   Migration health   Disease prevention

Research projects

Scientific publications

Morseth, Marianne S. ; Gananathan, Siyamali; Terragni, Laura ; Henjum, Sigrun (2024). Transmission of food literacy to youth in Norwegian childcare institutions – a qualitative study. Food & Nutrition Research (FNR). Vol. 68.

Lillekroken, Daniela ; Bye, Asta ; Halvorsrud, Liv; Terragni, Laura ; Debesay, Jonas (2024). Food for Soul—Older Immigrants’ Food Habits and Meal Preferences After Immigration: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

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