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Marianne Morseth

Marianne Morseth

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Public health nutrition   Clinical nutrition   Gastrointestinal infections   Micronutrient deficiencies   Breastfeeding/complementary feeding   Growth and development   Nutritional epidemiology


Norway   Nepal

Scientific publications

Tørris, Christine; Gjølstad, Eli; Morseth, Marianne S.; Debesay, Jonas; Almendingen, Kari (2022). Students’ Experiences with Online Teaching and Learning in Norway: A Qualitative Study into Nutrition Education One Year after the COVID-19 Lockdown. 19 p. Education Sciences . Vol. 12.

Groufh-Jacobsen, Synne; Bugge, Annechen Bahr; Morseth, Marianne S.; Pedersen, Julia Tsuruta; Henjum, Sigrun (2022). Dietary Habits and Self-Reported Health Measures Among Norwegian Adults Adhering to Plant-Based Diets. 9 p. Frontiers in Nutrition . Vol. 9.

Henjum, Sigrun; Hjellset, Victoria Telle; Andersen, Eivind; Flåten, Merethe Øyaland; Morseth, Marianne (2022). Developing a risk score for undiagnosed prediabetes or type 2 diabetes among Saharawi refugees in Algeria. 9 p. BMC Public Health . Vol. 22.

Mazza, Marlene; Torheim, Liv Elin; Morseth, Marianne (2022). Association between parental feeding practices and children’s dietary intake: a cross-sectional study in the Gardermoen Region, Norway. Food & Nutrition Research (FNR) . Vol. 66.

Almendingen, Kari; Morseth, Marianne S.; Gjølstad, Eli; Brevik, Asgeir; Tørris, Christine (2021). Student's experiences with online teaching following COVID-19 lockdown: A mixed methods explorative study. PLOS ONE . Vol. 16.

Henjum, Sigrun; Hjellset, Victoria Telle; Kjøllesdal, Marte Karoline Råberg; Flaaten, Merethe Øyaland; Morseth, Marianne S.; Andersen, Eivind (2020). Prevalence of type 2 diabetes and associated risk factors among Saharawi refugees in Algeria. European Journal of Public Health . Vol. 30.

Aakre, Inger; Morseth, Marianne; Dahl, Lisbeth Jane; Henjum, Sigrun; Kjellevold, Marian; Moe, Vibeke; Smith, Lars; Markhus, Maria Wik (2020). Iodine status during pregnancy and at 6 weeks, 6, 12 and 18 months post-partum. Maternal & Child Nutrition .

Morseth, Marianne S.; Ngyen, Tuan T.; Skui, Malene; Terragni, Laura; Ngo, Quang V.; Ha, T T Vu; Mathisen, Roger; Henjum, Sigrun (2020). Health staff experiences with the implementation of early essential newborn care guidelines in Da Nang municipality and Quang Nam province in Viet Nam. BMC Health Services Research .

Henjum, Sigrun; Morseth, Marianne S.; Arnold, Charles D.; Mauno, Dawid; Terragni, Laura (2019). “I worry if I will have food tomorrow”: a study on food insecurity among asylum seekers living in Norway. BMC Public Health . Vol. 19.

Morseth, Marianne S.; Aakre, Inger; Barikmo, Ingrid; Dahl, Lisbeth; Henjum, Sigrun (2019). High iodine content in local animal milk and risk of exceeding EFSA upper intake level for iodine among Saharawi women. PLOS ONE . Vol. 14.

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