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Helliesen, Julie Sørbø; Kristiansen, Ida; Brekke, Hilde Kristin; Støkket, Ragnhild Stenshjemmet; Bye, Asta (2022). Nutrition impact symptoms and the risk of malnutrition in people with Parkinson's disease: A cross-sectional study. Journal of human nutrition and dietetics .

Lunde, Pernille; Bye, Asta; Bruusgaard, Kari A.; Hellem, Elisabet; Nilsson, Birgitta Blakstad (2022). Patients’ Experiences of Using a Smartphone App after Cardiac Rehabilitation: Qualitative Study. JMIR Human Factors . Vol. 9.

Lunde, Pernille; Bye, Asta; Bruusgaard, Kari Anette; Hellem, Elisabet; Nilsson, Birgitta Blakstad (2022). Technology can`t replace people, but it is a helpful tool: A qualitative study on patients’ experiences of using a smartphone-application post-cardiac rehabilitation (Preprint). JMIR Human Factors .

Røyset, Inga; Saltvedt, Ingvild; Rostoft, Siri; Grønberg, Bjørn Henning; Kirkevold, Øyvind; Oldervoll, Line; Bye, Asta; Benth, Jūratė Šaltytė; Bergh, Sverre; Melby, Line; Halsteinli, Vidar; Døhl, Øystein; Røsstad, Tove; Eriksen, Guro Falk; Sollid, May Ingvild Volungholen; Rolfson, Darryl; Slaaen, Marit (2021). Geriatric assessment with management for older patients with cancer receiving radiotherapy. Protocol of a Norwegian cluster-randomised controlled pilot study. 11 p. Journal of Geriatric Oncology .

Madsen, Karoline; Wibe, Torunn; Bye, Asta; Debesay, Jonas; Bergland, Astrid (2021). Top 10 research priorities to improve the everyday life of older patients with multimorbidity: A James Lind Alliance (JLA) inspired Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning . Vol. 7.

Olsen, Sissel Urke; Hesseberg, Karin; Aas, Anne-Marie; Pripp, Are Hugo; Ranhoff, Anette Hylen; Bye, Asta (2021). A comparison of two different refeeding protocols and its effect on hand grip strength and refeeding syndrome: a randomized controlled clinical trial. 12 p. European Geriatric Medicine .

Olsen, Sissel Urke; Hesseberg, Karin; Aas, Anne-Marie; Ranhoff, Anette Hylen; Bye, Asta (2021). Refeeding syndrome occurs among older adults regardless of refeeding rates: A systematic review. Nutrition Research . Vol. 91.

Skaarud, Kristin Aneta Joan; Hov, Johannes Espolin Roksund; Hansen, Simen Hyll; Kummen, Martin; Valeur, Jørgen; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg; Bye, Asta; Paulsen, Vemund; Lundin, Knut Erik Aslaksen; Trøseid, Marius; Tjønnfjord, Geir Erland; Iversen, Per Ole (2021). Mortality and microbial diversity after allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: secondary analysis of a randomized nutritional intervention trial. Scientific Reports .

Lærum-Onsager, Ellisiv; Molin, Marianne; Olsen, Cecilie Fromholt; Bye, Asta; Debesay, Jonas; Hestevik, Christine Hillestad; Bjerk, Maria; Pripp, Are Hugo (2021). Effect of nutritional and physical exercise intervention on hospital readmission for patients aged 65 or older: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 14 p. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity . Vol. 18.

Olsen, Cecilie Fromholt; Bergland, Astrid; Debesay, Jonas; Bye, Asta; Langaas, Anne (2021). Patient Flow or the Patient’s Journey? Exploring Health Care Providers’ Experiences and Understandings of Implementing a Care Pathway to Improve the Quality of Transitional Care for Older People. Qualitative Health Research . Vol. 31.

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