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Sandbekken, Ida Hellum; Utne, Inger; Hermansen, Åsmund; Grov, Ellen Karine; Løyland, Borghild (2023). Impact of multimodal interventions targeting behavior change on hand hygiene adherence in nursing homes: An 18-month quasi-experimental study. American Journal of Infection Control .

Schippert, Ana Carla Soares Portugal; Grov, Ellen Karine; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Silvola, Juha Tapio; Sparboe-Nilsen, Bente; Danielsen, Stein Ove; Lie, Irene; Bjørnnes, Ann Kristin (2023). Re-traumatization of torture survivors during treatment in somatic healthcare services: A mapping review and appraisal of literature presenting clinical guidelines and recommendations to prevent re-traumatization. Social Science and Medicine . Vol. 323.

Eriksen, Siren; Engedal, Knut; Grov, Ellen Karine (2022). Lifeworld perspectives of people with dementia: a meta-aggregation of qualitative studies. BMC Geriatrics . Vol. 22.

Hynnekleiv, Ingerd Irgens; Sørebø, Øystein; Grov, Ellen Karine (2022). Teknostress hos sykepleiere – ikke bare angst og fobi. Klinisk Sygepleje . Vol. 36.

Grov, Ellen Karine; Ytrehus, Siri (2022). Do You Feel Safe at Home? A Qualitative Study among Home-Dwelling Older Adults with Advanced Incurable Cancer. Healthcare . Vol. 10.

Jacobsen, Ritva; Karlsson, Bengt Eirik; Grov, Ellen Karine (2022). Clinicians and supervisors' experiences with developing practices of open dialogue in network meetings in public mental health services. Journal of Family Therapy .

Torstveit, Ann Helen; Miaskowski, Christine; Løyland, Borghild; Grov, Ellen Karine; Ritchie, Christine Seel; Paul, Steven M; Engh, Anna Marie Ellström; Utne, Inger (2022). Characteristics associated with decrements in objective measures of physical function in older patients with cancer during chemotherapy. Supportive Care in Cancer . Vol. 30.

Nylén-Eriksen, Mats; Bjørnnes, Ann Kristin; Johansen, Hege Hafstad; Lie, Irene; Grov, Ellen Karine; Lara Cabrera, Mariela Loreto (2022). Validating the five-item world health organization well-being index. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) . Vol. 19.

Utne, Inger; Stokke, Kjersti; Ritchie, Christine Seel; Løyland, Borghild; Grov, Ellen Karine; Rasmussen, Hege Lund; Lindemann, Kristina Yvonne Kathe; Paul, Steven M; Torstveit, Ann Helen; Miaskowski, Christine (2022). Changes in subjective measures of cognitive function in older adults from the initiation through 12 months after the receipt of chemotherapy. Cancer Nursing .

Valen, Kristin; Jensen, Kari Toverud; Holm, Anne Lise; Grov, Ellen Karine (2022). Palliative care in Norwegian nursing education: A document analysis of the integration of learning outcomes. 9 p. Nordic journal of nursing research .

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