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Inger Utne

Inger Utne


Inger Utne is a nurse and has a M.Sc. from University of Oslo (UiO). She has a Ph.D. from Faculty of Medicine from UiO. She is professor, and has many years of experience in teaching Bachelor and Master students in oncology nursing. She has international experience from the University of California in San Francisco. During the doctoral work in 2007 - 2008, she was supervised by Professor Christine Miaskowski. Since that time, their research collaboration has continued. Her research area are hope and symptoms in adult and older oncology patients. In addition, she is project manager for "Cognitive and physical changes in older cancer patients receiving chemotherapy". On research fellows and several master student work in this project.

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Cognitive function   Oncology   Physical function   Older oncology patients

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Scientific publications

Løyland, Borghild ; Sandbekken, Ida Hellum ; Grov, Ellen Karine ; Utne, Inger (2024). Causes and Risk Factors of Breast Cancer, What Do We Know for Sure? An Evidence Synthesis of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses. Cancers. Vol. 16.

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