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Heidi Holmen

Heidi Holmen


Heidi Holmen is PI for an NFR funded "Young research talents"-project called "Gathering evidence for evidence-based health technology to support communication in homebased pediatric palliative care – CHIP homeTec" from 2021-2026. Furthermore, she lead the research related to digital outpatient clinics in the specialist health service in a project led by Dignio together with OUS and UNN in her postdoctoral project. She was appointed a position in the OsloMet "Research talent program" from 2020-2021. Heidi Holmen is an associate professor at the department for nursing and health promotion. She has her PhD in mobil apps for diabetes self-management (UiO 2017) and a masters in public health (NMBU 2010). Her bachelor is in nursing (Nord university 2006), and she also has a complementary degree in clinical diabetes nursing. Her research interests are within health technology and how technology can support people living with long-term or chronic conditions, in both adults and children. Heidi Holmen was a member of the Young Academy in Norway for the period 2017-2021. Diabetes, self-management, mHealth/mobile health, digital health, health technology, children in palliative care, user involvement

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Quality of Life   Diabetes   Mobile   Health behaviour   Palliative care

Research projects

Scientific publications

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