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Kirsti Riiser

Kirsti Riiser


My research interests are physical activity, health-related quality of life and health literacy in children and adolescents. I teach and supervise students at bachelor-, master and PhD level in topics related young peoples health and quality of life. I am a member of the MUSKHealth research group and Quality of Life research group at OsloMet, a boardmember of the Norwegian national research network HELINOR (HEalth LIteracy NORway) and member of the national research networks LIVSFORSK and CHIP (Children in Palliative Care).

Fields of study

Subject areas

Motivation   Physical activity   Fysioterapi   Health Related Quality of Life   Measuring physical activity   Health behaviour   Childhood obesity   Health Literacy   Intervention studies

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Scientific publications

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Lund, Siv ; Riiser, Kirsti ; Løndal, Knut (2023). Children`s Experiences with Outdoor, Physically Active Play in After-School Programs. American Journal of Play. Vol. 15.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete