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HEYoung intervention study

The project will co-develop an intervention with end-users and conduct the initial stages of a full-scale RCT on the effectiveness of a person-centered intervention for adolescents with persistent pain.

The development of the intervention will be conducted in close collaboration with healthcare providers, teachers, parents, and Norwegian high school adolescents with persistent pain.

During workshops we will discuss challenges with today’s practice, possible solutions, and visions for future interventions for adolescents with persistent pain.

Findings from the workshops will be synthesized with previous academic literature on pain interventions for adolescents and inform themes and content of a new workshop for adolescents, healthcare providers, and parents.

The aim of this workshop is to specify details for the intervention for persistent pain in adolescents.

Finally, we will test feasibility of the intervention for adolescents with persistent pain in a pilot randomized controlled study in Norwegian high schools.

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