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Nilsgård, Tina Løkken; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Randsborg, Per-Henrik; Årøen, Asbjørn; Straume-Næsheim, Truls Martin (2023). Association between single leg hop tests and patient reported outcome measures and patellar instability in patients with recurrent patellar dislocations. 8 p. BMJ Open sport & exercise medicine. Vol. 9.

Tingulstad, Alexander; Maas, Esther; Rysstad, Tarjei Langseth ; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Aanesen, Fiona; Pripp, Are Hugo ; Van Tulder, Maurits; Grotle, Margreth (2023). Six-month cost-effectiveness of adding motivational interviewing or a stratified vocational advice intervention to usual case management for workers with musculoskeletal disorders: the MI-NAV economic evaluation. 11 p. Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology. Vol. 18.

Solli, Rune ; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Aanesen, Fiona; Sowden, Gail; Wynne-Jones, Gwenllian; Grotle, Margreth (2023). Fidelity of a stratified vocational advice intervention for improving return to work for workers on sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders. 8 p. Physiotherapy Practice and Research. Vol. 44.

Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Årøen, Asbjørn; Røtterud, Jan H; Østerås, Nina; Jarstad, Even; Grotle, Margreth ; Risberg, May Arna (2023). The efficacy of strength or aerobic exercise on quality of life and knee function in patients with knee osteoarthritis. A multi-arm randomized controlled trial with 1-year follow-up. 12 p. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. Vol. 24.

Cashin, Aidan G.; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Aanesen, Fiona; Storheim, Kjersti ; Tingulstad, Alexander; Rysstad, Tarjei Langseth ; Lee, Hopin; McAuley, James H.; Sowden, Gail; Wynne-Jones, Gwenllian; Tveter, Anne Therese ; Grotle, Margreth (2023). Mechanisms of vocational interventions for return to work from musculoskeletal conditions: a mediation analysis of the MI-NAV trial. Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Vol. 80.

Fosdahl, Merete Aarsland; Berg, Bjørnar ; Risberg, May Arna; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Holm, Inger (2023). Body Mass Index, Quality of Life and Activity Limitation Trajectories over 2 Years in Patients with Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis: A Dual Trajectory Approach Based on 4265 Patients Included in the AktivA Quality Register. 11 p. Journal of Clinical Medicine. Vol. 12.

Urhausen, Anouk; Berg, Bjørnar ; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Whittaker, Jackie L.; Culvenor, Adam G.; Crossley, Kay M.; Juhl, Carsten B.; Risberg, May Arna (2022). Measurement properties for muscle strength tests following anterior cruciate ligament and/or meniscus injury: What tests to use and where do we need to go? A systematic review with meta-analyses for the OPTIKNEE consensus. 11 p. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol. 56.

Whittaker, Jackie L.; Culvenor, Adam G.; Juhl, Carsten Bogh; Berg, Bjørnar ; Bricca, Alessio; Filbay, Stephanie Rose; Holm, Pætur; Macri, Erin; Urhausen, Anouk; Ardern, Clare L.; Bruder, Andrea M.; Bullock, Garrett S.; Ezzat, Allison M.; Girdwood, Michael; Haberfield, Melissa; Hughes, Mick; Ingelsrud, Lina Holm; Khan, Karim; Le, Christina Y.; Losciale, Justin M.; Lundberg, Matilde; Miciak, Maxi; Øiestad, Britt Elin ; Patterson, Brooke; Räisänen, Anu M.; Skou, Søren Thorgaard; Thorlund, Jonas Bloch; Toomey, Clodagh; Truong, Linda K.; Meer, Belle L van; West, Thomas James; Young, James Justin; Lohmander, L Stefan; Emery, Carolyn; Risberg, May Arna; van Middelkoop, Marienke; Roos, Ewa M.; Crossley, Kay M. (2022). OPTIKNEE 2022: consensus recommendations to optimise knee health after traumatic knee injury to prevent osteoarthritis. 12 p. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol. 56.

Jahre, Henriette ; Grotle, Margreth ; Smedbråten, Kaja ; Richardsen, Kåre Rønn ; Côté, Pierre; Steingrímsdóttir, Ólöf Anna; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Storheim, Kjersti ; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova ; Stensland, Synne ; Øiestad, Britt Elin (2022). Low social acceptance among peers increases the risk of persistent musculoskeletal pain in adolescents. Prospective data from the Fit Futures Study. 9 p. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. Vol. 23.

Smedbråten, Kaja ; Grotle, Margreth ; Jahre, Henriette ; Richardsen, Kåre Rønn ; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova ; Skillgate, Eva; Øiestad, Britt Elin (2022). Lifestyle behaviour in adolescence and musculoskeletal pain 11 years later: The Trøndelag Health Study. 12 p. European Journal of Pain. Vol. 26.

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