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Helene Lundgaard Søberg

Helene Lundgaard Søberg

Scientific publications

Mørk, Marianne; Hoksrud, Aasne Fenne; Søberg, Helene L.; Zucknick, Manuela; Heide, Marte; Groven, Karen Synne; Røe, Cecilie (2022). “Psychometric properties of the Norwegian foot function index revised short form”. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders . Vol. 23.

Borgen, Ida Maria Henriksen; Hauger, Solveig Lægreid; Forslund, Marit Vindal; Kleffelgård, Ingerid; Brunborg, Cathrine; Andelic, Nada; Sveen, Unni; Søberg, Helene L.; Sigurdardottir, Solrun; Røe, Cecilie; Løvstad, Marianne (2022). Goal Attainment in an Individually Tailored and Home-Based Intervention in the Chronic Phase after Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of Clinical Medicine . Vol. 11.

Howe, Emilie; Andelic, Nada; Fure, Silje Christine Reistad; Røe, Cecilie; Søberg, Helene L.; Hellstrøm, Torgeir; Spjelkavik, Øystein; Enehaug, Heidi; Lu, Juan; Ugelstad, Helene; Løvstad, Marianne; Aas, Eline (2022). Cost-effectiveness analysis of combined cognitive and vocational rehabilitation in patients with mild-to-moderate TBI: results from a randomized controlled trial. BMC Health Services Research .

Storløs, Beate; Roaldsen, Kirsti Skavberg; Søberg, Helene L.; Kleffelgård, Ingerid (2021). Patient-specific functioning related to dizziness and balance problems after traumatic brain injury – A cross sectional study using an ICF perspective. Cogent Medicine . Vol. 8.

Borgen, Ida Maria Henriksen; Kleffelgård, Ingerid; Hauger, Solveig Lægreid; Forslund, Marit Vindal; Søberg, Helene L.; Andelic, Nada; Sveen, Unni; Winter, Larraine; Løvstad, Marianne; Røe, Cecilie (2021). Patient-Reported Problem Areas in Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury. 10 p. The journal of head trauma rehabilitation . Vol. 37.

Rasmussen, Mari Storli; Andelic, Nada; Pripp, Are Hugo; Nordenmark, Tonje Kristin Haug; Søberg, Helene L. (2021). The effectiveness of a family-centred intervention after traumatic brain injury: A pragmatic randomised controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation . Vol. 35.

Preede, Line; Soberg, Helene L.; Dalen, Håkon Erlend; Nyquist, Astrid; Jahnsen, Reidun; Sæbu, Martin; Bautz-Holter, Erik; Røe, Cecilie (2021). Rehabilitation goals and effects of goal achievement on outcome following an adapted physical activity-based rehabilitation intervention. Patient Preference and Adherence . Vol. 15.

Nugraha, Boya; Andelic, Nada; Søberg, Helene L.; Engen, Grace; Kirkevold, Marit; Røe, Cecilie; Gutenbrunner, Christoph (2021). Towards standardized reporting of service organization in rehabilitation for clinical trials. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine . Vol. 53.

Solvang, Per Koren; Heiaas, Ida; Romsland, Grace Inga; Søberg, Helene Lundgaard (2021). The unexpected other: Challenges and strategies after acquired impairment. 17 p. Health .

Koren Solvang, Per; Sveen, Unni; Lundgaard Søberg, Helene (2021). User involvement in the making: Positions and types of knowledge enacted in the interaction between service users and researchers in user panel meetings. Health Expectations . Vol. 24.

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