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Helene Lundgaard Søberg

Helene Lundgaard Søberg


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Evensen, Janne; Søberg, Helene L.; Sveen, Unni; Hestad, Knut; Moore, Jennifer L.; Bronken, Berit Arnesveen (2023). Measurement Properties of the Patient-Specific Functional Scale in Rehabilitation for Patients With Stroke: A Prospective Observational Study. Physical Therapy. Vol. 103.

Rasmussen, Mari Storli; Howe, Emilie; Andelic, Nada; Søberg, Helene L. (2023). Associations between protective resources and family functioning after traumatic brain injury: A cross-sectional study using a structural equation modeling approach. 11 s. NeuroRehabilitation (Reading, MA). Vol. 52.

Valaas, Lars-Johan Viddal; Søberg, Helene Lundgaard; Rasmussen, Mari Storli; Steenstrup, Sophie; Hadzic-Andelic, Nada; Kleffelgård, Ingerid (2023). Sub-symptom threshold aerobic exercise for patients with persisting post-concussion symptoms and exercise intolerance after mild traumatic brain injury – a study protocol with a nested feasibility study for a randomized controlled trial. BMC Neurology. Vol. 23.

Moksnes, Håkon Øgreid; Schäfer, Christoph; Rasmussen, Mari Storli; Søberg, Helene L.; Røise, Olav; Anke, Audny Gabriele Wagner; Røe, Cecilie; Næss, Pål Aksel; Gaarder, Aslaug Christine; Helseth, Eirik; DAHL, HILDE MARGRETE; Hestnes, Morten; Brunborg, Cathrine; Andelic, Nada; Hellstrøm, Torgeir (2023). Factors associated with discharge destination from acute care after moderate-to-severe traumatic injuries in Norway: a prospective population-based study. Injury Epidemiology. Vol. 10.

Borgen, Ida Maria Henriksen; Løvstad, Marianne; Hauger, Solveig Lægreid; Forslund, Marit Vindal; Kleffelgård, Ingerid; Andelic, Nada; Sveen, Unni; Søberg, Helene L.; Sigurdardottir, Solrun; Winter, Laraine; Lindstad, Marte Ørud; Brunborg, Cathrine; Røe, Cecilie (2023). Effect of an Individually Tailored and Home-Based Intervention in the Chronic Phase of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open. Vol. 6.

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Borgen, Ida Maria Henriksen; Hauger, Solveig Lægreid; Forslund, Marit Vindal; Kleffelgård, Ingerid; Brunborg, Cathrine; Andelic, Nada; Sveen, Unni; Søberg, Helene L.; Sigurdardottir, Solrun; Røe, Cecilie; Løvstad, Marianne (2022). Goal Attainment in an Individually Tailored and Home-Based Intervention in the Chronic Phase after Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of Clinical Medicine. Vol. 11.

Røe, Cecilie; Bautz-Holter, Erik; Andelic, Nada; Søberg, Helene L.; Nugraha, Boya; Gutenbrunner, Christoph; boekel, andrea; Kirkevold, Marit; Engen, Grace; Lu, Juan (2022). Organization of Rehabilitation Services in Randomized Controlled Trials: Which Factors Influence Functional Outcome? A Systematic Review. 17 s. Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation. Vol. 4.

Nugraha, Boya; Engen, Grace; Røe, Cecilie; Kirkevold, Marit; Søberg, Helene L.; Andelic, Nada; Gutenbrunner, Christoph (2022). Development of a Minimum Reporting Set of Contextual Factors for Rehabilitation Studies: A Delphi Study. 8 s. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. Vol. 54.

Howe, Emilie; Andelic, Nada; Fure, Silje Christine Reistad; Røe, Cecilie; Søberg, Helene L.; Hellstrøm, Torgeir; Spjelkavik, Øystein; Enehaug, Heidi; Lu, Juan; Ugelstad, Helene; Løvstad, Marianne; Aas, Eline (2022). Cost-effectiveness analysis of combined cognitive and vocational rehabilitation in patients with mild-to-moderate TBI: results from a randomized controlled trial. 13 s. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 22.

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