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Tone Alm Andreassen

Tone Alm Andreassen

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Disability   User participation   NGOs   Health and welfare politics   Sociology of organizations   Interorganizational relations   Implementation Science   The Norwegian employment and welfare reform   Activation policies

Research projects

Scientific publications

Andreassen, Tone Alm; Breit, Eric; Saltkjel, Therese (2022). Inkludering, antidiskriminering eller aktivering: Hvordan politikk for økt arbeidslivsdeltakelse studeres fra ulike forskningstradisjoner. Saltkjel, Therese; Rønningstad, Chris Andre; Sønderskov, Mette (Ed.). Samhandling og inkludering i arbeidslivet. 2. p. 41-71. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Breit, Eric Martin Alexander; Andreassen, Tone Alm; Fossestøl, Knut (2022). Development of hybrid professionalism: street-level managers’ work and the enabling conditions of public reform. 23 p. Public Management Review .

Saltkjel, Therese; Andreassen, Tone Alm; Minkman, Mirella (2022). Conceptualising service integration for inclusive activation: Exploring transferal and translation of models from health care. International Journal of Social Welfare .

Klemsdal, Lars; Andreassen, Tone Alm; Breit, Eric Martin Alexander (2022). Resisting or facilitating change? How street-level managers’ situational work contributes to the implementation of public reforms. 14 p. Journal of public administration research and theory .

Alm Andreassen, Tone (2021). Diversity clauses in job advertisements: Organisational reproduction of inequality?. Scandinavian Journal of Management . Vol. 37.

Saltkjel, Therese; Andreassen, Tone Alm; Helseth, Sølvi; Minas, Renate (2021). A scoping review of research on coordinated pathways towards employment for youth in vulnerable life situations. European Journal of Social Work .

Breit, Eric Martin Alexander; Andreassen, Tone Alm (2021). Organisatoriske blikk på samarbeid i velferdstjenester. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning .

Andreassen, Tone Alm; Koren Solvang, Per (2021). Returning to work or working on one’s rehabilitation: Social identities invoked by impaired workers and professionals in health care and employment services. Sociology of Health and Illness .

Aven, Håvard Brede; Andreassen, Tone Alm (2020). Trustee professionalism transformed: Recruiting committed professionals. Current Sociology .

Andreassen, Tone Alm; Natland, Sidsel (2020). The meaning of professionalism in activation work: frontline managers’ perspectives. 13 p. European Journal of Social Work .

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