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Organising for Outcome - Links between service integration and transitions to employment for citizens with complex service needs

Will service integration improve labour market participation for citizens with multiple service needs? This project examines whether and under which circumstances it is possible to find empirical support for this assumption.

So far, research on service integration has mainly studied factors, activities and processes of integration and collaboration. The outcomes of service integration tend to be “under-evidenced”.

This is because the integration processes that may lead to increased labour market participation will take time, involve several different services, and will probably vary depending on the context in which it takes place. Therefore, to study the links between the organizing of service delivery and employment outcomes is challenging. 

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    Our ambition is to meet this challenge by combining high-quality data about citizens, labour markets, local service organizations and their environment, and by adopting a diversity of methodological approaches, including comparisons between Norway, Sweden and Denmark with different organizational setup of services.

    We will apply research designs that take into consideration that varying models of service integration can contribute to positive outcomes, and that local and regional environment can affect which service models that are in place and how they function.

    Researchers from OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, and partners from University of Aalborg and University of Stockholm, participates in the project.

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