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Nina, Ødegaard; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Røe, Yngve (2023). Physiotherapy Students’ Shaping of Digital Learning Practices: Characteristics, Opportunities and Challenges. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy.

Røe, Yngve; Torbjørnsen, Astrid; Stanghelle, Brita; Helseth, Sølvi; Riiser, Kirsti (2023). Health Literacy in Higher Education: A Systematic Scoping Review of Educational Approaches. Pedagogy in health promotion.

Major, Daniel Høgli; Røe, Yngve; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; van der Windt, Danielle; Sandbakk, Torill Bjugan; Jæger, Marit; Grotle, Margreth (2022). Fear of movement and emotional distress as prognostic factors for disability in patients with shoulder pain: a prospective cohort study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. Vol. 23.

Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit; Røe, Yngve; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2022). “Learning is about being active, but the digital is not really active”: physiotherapy teachers’ attitudes toward and experiences with digital education. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.

Wojniusz, Slawomir; Thorkildsen, Vibeke Dehli; Heiszter, Silje Therese; Røe, Yngve (2022). Active digital pedagogies as a substitute for clinical placement during the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of physiotherapy education. 8 p. BMC Medical Education. Vol. 22.

Røe, Yngve; Wojniusz, Slawomir; Bjerke, Annette Hessen (2022). The Digital Transformation of Higher Education Teaching: Four Pedagogical Prescriptions to Move Active Learning Pedagogy Forward. 5 p. Frontiers in Education. Vol. 6.

Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit; Myrhaug, Hilde Tinderholt; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Røe, Yngve (2021). Digital learning designs i physiotherapy education: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Medical Education. Vol. 21.

Major, Daniel Høgli; Grotle, Margreth; Littlewood, Chris; Brox, Jens Ivar; Matre, Dagfinn; Gallet, Heidi Marie Veeser; Røe, Yngve (2021). Adherence to self-managed exercises for patients with persistent subacromial pain: The Ad-Shoulder feasibility study. BMC Pilot and Feasibility Studies. Vol. 7.

Røe, Yngve; Rysstad, Tarjei Langseth; Tveter, Anne Therese; Sandbakk, Torill Bjugan; Jæger, Marit; Grotle, Margreth (2021). What are the most important problems in functioning among patients with shoulder pain? An analysis of the patient-specific functional scale. Physical Therapy. Vol. 101.

Røe, Yngve; Rowe, Michael; Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2021). Introducing Flipped Classroom Supervision: Challenging Physiotherapy Teachers’ Beliefs about Teaching. UNIPED. Vol. 44.

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