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Tone Dahl-Michelsen

Tone Dahl-Michelsen

Scientific publications

Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Kinsella, Elizabeth Anne; Groven, Karen Synne (2021). Toward an inclusive evidence-based practice model: Embracing pluralistic understandings of professional knowledge in health care and health care higher education. Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning .

Thommessen, Mathilde Victoria; Ørnes, Linda; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2021). Meningsfulle sammenhenger: Alvorlig sykdom i møte med livet og helsevesenet. En single case-studie. Fysioterapeuten .

Benschop, Eveline; Kaufmann, Martina; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2021). Fysioterapeuters forståelser av overvekt i klinisk fysioterapipraksis: En intervjustudie. Fysioterapeuten .

Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Nicholls, David A.; Messel, Jan; Groven, Karen Synne (2021). Boundary work: the Mensendieck system and physiotherapy education in Norway. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice . Vol. 37.

Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit; Myrhaug, Hilde Tinderholt; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Røe, Yngve (2021). Digital learning designs i physiotherapy education: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Medical Education . Vol. 21.

Braithwaite, Jean; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Groven, Karen Synne (2020). How are we doing? Placing human relationships at the centre of physiotherapy. Nicholls, David; Groven, Karen Synne; Anjum, Rani Lill; Kinsella, Anne Elisabeth (Ed.). Mobilizing Knowledge in Physiotherapy Critical Reflections on Foundations and Practices. Chapter 15. Routledge.

Groven, Karen Synne; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2019). Recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome as an intra-active process. Health Care for Women International .

Røe, Yngve; Rowe, Michael; Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit; Sylliaas, Hilde; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2019). Learning with technology in physiotherapy education: Design, implementation and evaluation of a flipped classroom teaching approach. BMC Medical Education . Vol. 19.

Dahl-Michelsen, Tone; Nicholls, David A; Groven, Karen Synne (2019). Approaching Intimacy, Sexuality and Ethics in the Professional Training of Physiotherapy Students in Norway. European Journal of Physiotherapy .

Groven, Karen Synne; Braithwaite, Jean; Dahl-Michelsen, Tone (2019). Iatrogenic dys-appearance: First-person accounts of chronic neuromuscular disease reveal unintended harms of treatment. European Journal of Physiotherapy .

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