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Stein Ove Danielsen

Stein Ove Danielsen


Stein Ove Danielsen is an operating room nurse and researcher with a PhD in medicine and health sciences from UiO and a Doctor of Biomedical Sciences from KU Leuven (Belgium). He is coordinator for the specialization in operating theatre nursing in the Master Programme in Advanced Practice Nursing to Acute and Critically Ill Patients and coordinates the work on master theses in the course MASY5900 for the specialization in operating theatre nursing. Topics for teaching: Surgical history, introduction to surgical methods, person-centered nursing, non-technical skills, patient safety, academic writing and systematic reviews in health sciences.
The research is focused on the follow-up after cardiac surgery (aortic valve replacement), patient safety and global health. I have competence in quantitative and qualitative methods,  and systematic reviews. Currently, I am main supervisor for 3 PhD students. 

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