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Kristin Halvorsen

Kristin Halvorsen

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Nursing science

Subject areas

Research ethics   Qualitative methodologies   Ethicseducation   COPD   Clinical Ethics   Empowerment   Health care priorities

Scientific publications

Abayneh, Helina Bogale; Danielsen, Stein Ove ; Halvorsen, Kristin ; Engebretsen, Stine (2024). Injury characteristics and mortality in an emergency department in Ethiopia: a single-center observational study. BMC Emergency Medicine. Vol. 24.

Jerpseth, Heidi ; Alvestad, Vibeke ; Halvorsen, Kristin ; Jensen, Kari Toverud (2023). Students’ experiences of moral challenges in clinical placement during the covid-19 pandemic: a qualitative study. 12 p. Nordisk sygeplejeforskning. Vol. 13.

Nordang, Elise Flakk; Halvorsen, Kristin (2022). Service users’ experiences with mobile safety alarms in home care: A qualitative study. 9 p. Nursing Open.

Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Fossum, Mariann; Christiansen, Karin; Halvorsen, Kristin (2022). Family caregivers’ involvement in caring for frail older family members using welfare technology: a qualitative study of home care in transition. 14 p. BMC Geriatrics. Vol. 22.

Solbakken, Liss Marita ; Nordhaug, Marita ; Halvorsen, Kristin (2022). Patients’ experiences of involvement, motivation and coping with physiotherapists during subacute stroke rehabilitation–a qualitative study. 7 p. European Journal of Physiotherapy.

Abrahamsen, Caroline Steen; Lang-Ree, Heidi Mandt; Halvorsen, Kristin ; Stenbakken, Cesilie Meling (2021). Patients with COPD: Exploring patients’ coping ability during an interdisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation programme: A qualitative focus group study. 9 p. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN). Vol. 30.

Halvorsen, Kristin ; Jensen, Janet Froulund; Collet, Marie O.; Olausson, Sepideh; Lindahl, Berit; Hansen, Britt Sætre; Lind, Ranveig; Eriksson, Thomas (2021). Patients' experiences of well-being when being cared for in the intensive care unit—An integrative review. 17 p. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN).

Jerpseth, Heidi ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Jensen, Kari Toverud ; Halvorsen, Kristin (2021). Mirror of shame: patients experiences of late stage COPD. A qualitative study. 9 p. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN).

Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Fossum, Mariann; Halvorsen, Kristin (2021). ‘They just came with the medication dispenser’- a qualitative study of elderly service users’ involvement and welfare technology in public home care services. 11 p. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 21.

Halvorsen, Kristin ; Harvey, Clare; de-Ruiter, Hans Peter; Jerpseth, Heidi (2021). Research Ethical Reflections in Researching Missed Nursing Care. Papastavrou, Evridiki; Suhonen, Riitta (Ed.). Impacts of Rationing and Missed Nursing Care: Challenges and Solutions. p. 115-125. Springer.

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