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Ingrid Ruud Knutsen

Ingrid Ruud Knutsen


Ingrid Ruud Knutsen is associate professor at Institute of nursing and health promotion at Oslo Metropolitan University. She leads a research group on empowerment and her professional focus is on health promotion, chronic illness and empowerment.

Ingrid had a post-doctoral fellowship in a EU-project on social network and type 2-diabetes (2012-2016) and is involved in several projects. She lectures and supervises students in the bachelor programme in nursing and a master programme in empowerment and health promotion. She is co-supervisor in several PhD-projects, e.g. a projects with focus on group-based self-management support, user participation in research, user participation in welfare technology in home care and hospital at home for children.

Research groups

Scientific publications

Stuhlfauth, Susanne; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud; Foss, Ingrid Christina (2020). Guidelines as governance: Critical reflections from a documentary analysis of guidelines to support user involvement in research. Nursing Inquiry .

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Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud; Hansen, Anita Guldahl; Egede-Nissen, Veslemøy (2020). ‘The sofa is my base in daily life’: The experience of long-term, pelvic girdle pain after giving birth. Health Care for Women International .

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