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Anne-Kari M. Johannessen

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Nordhaug, Marita ; Willassen, Elin Thove ; Jerpseth, Heidi ; Tveiten, Sidsel; Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. (2024). Implications of constrained educational pathways for development of nursing students’ professional identity – A qualitative study. Norsk tidsskrift for sykepleieforskning.

Aasen, Line ; Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Werner, Anne (2022). Negotiating safety and responsibility in caregiving to children receiving hospital-at-home: A Norwegian study of parents and homecare nurses' experiences. Health and Social Care in the Community.

Leonardsen, Ann-Chatrin Linqvist; Werner, Anne; Lurås, Hilde; Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. (2022). Hospital physicians’ experiences and reflections on their work and role in relation to older patients’ pathways - a qualitative study in two Norwegian hospitals. 11 p. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 22.

Aasen, Line ; Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Werner, Anne (2021). The work of nurses to provide good and safe services to children receiving hospital-at-home: A qualitative interview study from the perspectives of hospital nurses and physicians. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN).

Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. ; Barra, Georg Mathias Honoré; Vullum, Sylvi; Werner, Anne (2021). Nursing students’ evaluation of clinical learning environment and supervision in a Norwegian hospital placement – A questionnaire survey using CLES+T scale. 8 p. Nurse Education in Practice. Vol. 54.

Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. ; Steihaug, Sissel (2020). The function of the Norwegian municipal acute units fails to fulfill the intention of health authorities. 7 p. Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care. Vol. 38 .

Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. (2019). Brukermedvirkning i helsetjeneste for eldre – en kvalitativ studie av to kommunale akutte døgnenheter og samarbeidende kommuner. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning. Vol. 5.

Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. ; Steihaug, Sissel (2019). Municipal acute units as part of the clinical pathway for older patients. 10 p. International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC). Vol. 19.

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Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. ; Tveiten, Sidsel ; Werner, Anne (2018). User participation in a Municipal Acute Ward in Norway: Dilemmas in the interface between policy ideals and work conditions. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. Vol. 32.

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