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Marte Feiring

Marte Feiring


Feiring has a magister degree in Sociology from 1992 and a PhD in the same field from University of Oslo 2009. Her PhD was on the history of rehabilitation, focusing on vocational aspects in Norway. She also has a BA in Occupational Therapy from 1982. Her research projects cover historical and critical perspectives on health policies, welfare services, professional and multi-professional knowledge, rehabilitation practices and civil movements. In addition to lecturing on the history and contemporary practices of rehabilitation and user involvement, she holds courses in qualitative methods, text analysis and academic writing for bachelor-, master- and PhD students.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8605-0890

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Other health sciences   Sociology

Subject areas

Rehabilitation   Text analysis   Collaboration across the curriculum   Theory of Interaction   Qualitative methodologies   Disease prevention   Historical sociology   Critical culture studies   Disabled   Arbeidsrettet rehabilitering   Self help work   Public health work



Scientific publications

Sagstad, Kjersti; Howe, Emilie Isager; Fure, Silje; Løvstad, Marianne; Enehaug, Heidi; Ugelstad, Helene; Feiring, Marte; Nada, Andelic; Sveen, Unni (2022). Transition back to work after mild TBI: a qualitative study. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy .

Feiring, Marte; Førland, Oddvar; Aspinal, Fiona; Rostgaard, Tine (2022). The travels of ideas of active ageing and reablement within and between three regions: United Kingdom, Australasia, and Scandinavia. Reablement in Long-term Care for Older People. Chapter 2. Policy Press.

Kvambekk, Ann Kristin; Feiring, Marte; Askim, Torunn; Langhammer, Birgitta (2022). En studie av fysioterapeuters erfaringer som treningskoordinatorer i et forskningsprosjekt. Fysioterapeuten .

Feiring, Marte; Koren Solvang, Per (2021). Mellom vitenskapelig stringens og samproduksjon i forskning. Praktiske grunde. Tidsskrift for kultur og samfunnsvitenskab . Vol. 15.

Thuesen, Jette; Feiring, Marte; Doh, Daniel; Westendorp, Rudy (2021). Reablement in need of theories of ageing: would theories of successful ageing do?. Ageing & Society .

Koren Solvang, Per; Feiring, Marte (2021). Brukermedvirkning i forskning – i et kunnskapssosiologisk perspektiv. Skjeldal, Eskil (Ed.). Kritiske perspektiver på brukermedvirkning. 4. p. 65-80. Universitetsforlaget.

Tessem, Siri; Møyner, Elisabeth; Feiring, Marte (2021). Learning from a situation of discomfort – a qualitative study of physiotherapy student practice in mental health. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice .

Møyner, Elisabeth; Tessem, Siri; Feiring, Marte (2020). Alene på ukjent grunn: Fysioterapeutstudenter som treningskontakter for pasienter med psykiske lidelser. Fysioterapeuten . Vol. 8.

Mengshoel, Anne Marit; Feiring, Marte (2020). Rethinking recovery. Nicholls, David; Groven, Karen Synne; Anjum, Rani Lill; Kinsella, Anne Elisabeth (Ed.). Mobilizing Knowledge in Physiotherapy Critical Reflections on Foundations and Practices. Chapter 5. Routledge.

Feiring, Marte (2019). Selvhjelpsarbeid – mellom erfaringskunnskap og forskningsbasert kunnskap. Askheim, Ole Petter; Lid, Inger Marie; Østensjø, Sigrid (Ed.). Samproduksjon i forskning : forskning med nye aktører. Kap 7. Universitetsforlaget.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete