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Lene Berge Holm

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Scientific publications

Larsen, Rønnaug Eline; Hole, Kristine ; Selle, Maria; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen ; Krogstad, Tonje ; Holm, Lene Berge (2024). Access to a tailored mobile application enhances medication adherence among young users of antidepressants. 10 p. Frontiers in Pharmacology. Vol. 15.

Paaske, Nanna ; Øhrn, Solfrid Tandberg; Holm, Lene Berge ; Walter, Anne Berit (2023). Middle management in academia: Social skills and academic professional awareness wanted. 20 p. International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE). Vol. 17.

Rochette, Yngvild Bergsholm; Feiring, Marte ; Charnock, Colin ; Krogstad, Tonje ; Holm, Lene Berge (2023). Positioning of community pharmacists in interactions with general practitioners and patients regarding prescribing and using antibiotics. Journal of Interprofessional Care. Vol. 37.

Rochette, Yngvild Bergsholm; Feiring, Marte ; Charnock, Colin ; Holm, Lene Berge ; Krogstad, Tonje (2023). Exploring patients' adherence to antibiotics by understanding their health knowledge and relational communication in encounters with pharmacists and physicians. Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy (ERCSP). Vol. 12.

Holm, Lene Berge ; Rognes, Andre ; Dahl, Fredrik Andreas (2022). The FLIPPED STEP study: A randomized controlled trial of flipped vs. traditional classroom teaching in a university-level statistics and epidemiology course. International Journal of Educational Research Open. Vol. 3.

Krogstad, Tonje ; Larsen, Rønnaug; Holm, Lene Berge ; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen ; Granås, Anne Gerd (2022). Patient-Centered Communication and Counseling to Ensure Patient Safety Through Correct Use of Medicines: Experiences and Challenges. Olsen, Rose Mari; Sletvold, Hege (Ed.). Medication safety in municipal health and care services. p. 207-235. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Larsen, Rønnaug; Pripp, Are Hugo ; Krogstad, Tonje ; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen ; Holm, Lene Berge (2022). Development and validation of a new non-disease-specific survey tool to assess self-reported adherence to medication. Frontiers in Pharmacology. Vol. 13.

Holm, Lene Berge ; Bjørnenak, Tone; Kjæserud, Guri Galtung; Noddeland, Harald (2018). Using discrete event simulation and soft systems methodology for optimizing patient flow and resource utilization at the surgical unit of radiumhospitalet in Oslo, Norway. Winter simulation conference : proceedings.

Holm, Lene Berge ; Dahl, Fredrik Andreas; Barra, Mathias (2013). Towards a multimethodology in health care–synergies between Soft Systems Methodology and Discrete Event Simulation. 12 p. Health Systems. Vol. 2.

Holm, Lene Berge ; Lurås, Hilde; Dahl, Fredrik Andreas (2013). Improving hospital bed utilisation through simulation and optimisation: With application to a 40% increase in patient volume in a Norwegian general hospital. International Journal of Medical Informatics. Vol. 82.

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