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The effect of a digital patient intervention on self-reported adherence to medications

In this PhD project we will create and validate a self-reported adherence questionnaire and use this to evaluate the effect of a digital patient intervention designed to increase adherence to medications in a specific patient group.

Around 30 to 50 percent of all patients do not use their medications as intended by their healthcare provider.

There are many reasons for this. This has significant consequences for individuals and society.

In this project, we have developed and validated a self-reported adherence questionnaire (OMAS-37).

The questionnaire can both quantify the level of adherence among different patient groups and provide insights into the reasons for poor adherence among different patients.

In part two of the project, a mobile application is created for a specific patient group with the aim of improving adherence for this patient group. OMAS-37 is then used to evaluate the effectiveness of this application.

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