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Scientific publications

Larsen, Rønnaug; Pripp, Are Hugo; Krogstad, Tonje; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Holm, Lene Berge (2022). Development and validation of a new non-disease-specific survey tool to assess self-reported adherence to medication. Frontiers in Pharmacology . Vol. 13.

Krogstad, Tonje; Larsen, Rønnaug; Holm, Lene Berge; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Granås, Anne Gerd (2022). Patient-Centered Communication and Counseling to Ensure Patient Safety Through Correct Use of Medicines: Experiences and Challenges. Olsen, Rose Mari; Sletvold, Hege (Ed.). Medication safety in municipal health and care services. p. 207-235. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Revdal, Eline; Morken, Gunnar; Bakken, Inger Johanne; Bråthen, Geir; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Brodtkorb, Eylert (2022). Bidirectionality of antiseizure and antipsychotic treatment: A population-based study. Epilepsy & Behavior . Vol. 136.

Henning, Oliver Johannes; Alfstad, Kristin Åshild; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Helmstadter, Cristoph; Lossius, Morten Ingvar; Skogan, Annette Holth (2022). Use of screening tools to assess comorbidities and adverse events in patients with epilepsy. A European Reference Network for Rare and Complex Epilepsies (EpiCARE) survey. Seizure . Vol. 101.

Svendsen, Torleiv; Brodtkorb, Eylert; Linge, Hanna Lande; Burns, Margrete Larsen; Johannessen, Svein Ivar; Nakken, Karl Otto; Lossius, Morten Ingvar; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen (2022). Efficacy, tolerability and pharmacokinetic variability of brivaracetam in adults with difficult-to-treat epilepsy. Epilepsy Research . Vol. 183.

Heger, Katrine; Skipsfjord, Julia; Kiselev, Yury; Burns, Margrete Larsen; Aaberg, Kari Modalsli; Johannessen, Svein Ivar; Skurtveit, Svetlana Ondrasova; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen (2022). Changes in the use of antiseizure medications in children and adolescents in Norway, 2009–2018. 8 p. Epilepsy Research . Vol. 181.

Mochol, Monika; Whatmore, Paul; Taubøll, Erik; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Ropstad, Erik; Svalheim, Sigrid; Fraser, Thomas (2021). Lamotrigine effects on immune gene expression in larval zebrafish. Epilepsy Research . Vol. 178.

Larsson, David; Baftiu, Arton; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; von Euler, Mia; Kumlien, Eva; Åsberg, Signild; Zelano, Johan (2021). Association between antiseizure drug monotherapy and mortality for patients with poststroke epilepsy. JAMA Neurology .

Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Rektorli, Lene Margrethe; Burns, Margrete Larsen; Revdal, Eline; Johannessen, Svein Ivar; Brodtkorb, Eylert (2021). Pharmacokinetic data on brivaracetam, lacosamide and Perampanel during pregnancy and lactation. Epileptic disorders . Vol. 23.

Lossius, Ida Marie Bakke; Svendsen, Torleiv; Sødal, Hild Flatmark; Kjeldstadli, Kari Grandaunet; Lossius, Morten Ingvar; Nakken, Karl Otto; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen (2021). Effect and tolerability of perampanel in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. 6 p. Epilepsy & Behavior . Vol. 119.

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