Clinical pharmacology of antiseizure medications

Pharmacological treatment is challenging and needs individualized monitoring.

Pharmacological treatment with antiseizure medications is the cornerstone in the treatment men of epilepsy, and various new and special medications have become available in recent years.

Knowledge about pharmacological variability and clinical efficacy and tolerability is scarce.

Individualized monitoring with antiseizure medications is decisive to adjust the dosage and find an optimal treatment outcome, often with a combination of medications.

By the use of therapeutic drug monitoring we can measure serum concentrations of all antiseizure medications, in addition to metabolites and biochemical markers of toxicity in the blood and tailor the treatment to the individual patient over time.

Special focus targets vulnerable patient groups with refractory and genetic epilepsy and development of precision treatment approaches.

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    • National Centre for Epilepsy, Oslo University Hospital
    • Department of Pharmacology, Oslo University Hospital