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Lene Berge Holm

Lene Berge Holm


Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Rochette, Yngvild Bergsholm; Feiring, Marte; Charnock, Colin; Krogstad, Tonje; Holm, Lene Berge (2023). Positioning of community pharmacists in interactions with general practitioners and patients regarding prescribing and using antibiotics. Journal of Interprofessional Care.

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Holm, Lene Berge; Rognes, Andre; Dahl, Fredrik Andreas (2022). The FLIPPED STEP study: A randomized controlled trial of flipped vs. traditional classroom teaching in a university-level statistics and epidemiology course. International Journal of Educational Research Open. Vol. 3.

Krogstad, Tonje; Larsen, Rønnaug; Holm, Lene Berge; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Granås, Anne Gerd (2022). Patient-Centered Communication and Counseling to Ensure Patient Safety Through Correct Use of Medicines: Experiences and Challenges. Olsen, Rose Mari; Sletvold, Hege (Red.). Medication safety in municipal health and care services. s. 207-235. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Larsen, Rønnaug; Pripp, Are Hugo; Krogstad, Tonje; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Holm, Lene Berge (2022). Development and validation of a new non-disease-specific survey tool to assess self-reported adherence to medication. Frontiers in Pharmacology. Vol. 13.

Holm, Lene Berge; Bjørnenak, Tone; Kjæserud, Guri Galtung; Noddeland, Harald (2018). Using discrete event simulation and soft systems methodology for optimizing patient flow and resource utilization at the surgical unit of radiumhospitalet in Oslo, Norway. Winter simulation conference : proceedings.

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Holm, Lene Berge; Lurås, Hilde; Dahl, Fredrik Andreas (2013). Improving hospital bed utilisation through simulation and optimisation: With application to a 40% increase in patient volume in a Norwegian general hospital. International Journal of Medical Informatics. Vol. 82.

Holm, Lene Berge; Barra, Mathias (2011). The consequences of how subject matter expert estimates are interpreted and modeled, demonstrated by an emergency department DES model comparing triangular and beta distributions. Winter simulation conference : proceedings.

Holm, Lene Berge; Dahl, Fredrik Andreas (2011). Using Soft Systems Methodology as a precursor for an emergency department simulation model. OR insight. Vol. 24.

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